One Day Quilt Frenzy
You tolerate my trivia, laugh at my lunacy and care when I cry. That is what I call Frenz...
I am proud to announce that I am well again and doing great.  I went to a low-carb lifestyle and lost lots of weight and feel wonderful! My fibromyalgia is all gone and my menopause is past me... whew...

Look at me now!

Please enjoy the patterns that are here...
We got our name Quilting "Frenz"; because we would get together on-line to all sew on our own quilt project, usually with a scheduled on-line class,  with directions on this site.

While we sew, we use e-mail to chat to each other about our progress.

We offer each other support and problem solving while having great fun together.

Previous Lessons
Road to California
A little about the ;frenz.  Our mascot is the gracious and lovely pink flamingo. Many of us have Pinkey beanie babies displayed on our monitors and use them to identify each other at quilt shows or a gathering of the "Frenz".

Twisted Frenzy
On Flamingo Pond
Roman Stripes
Sunshine and Shadows
Attic Windows
Haunted Path
Path quilt block and lesson on Hand Applique,  featuring a pumpkin block.
The very first Frenzy that started it all...
3-D triangles
Bottle / Jar Quilt
Make a quilt that looks like a bookshelf or your
pantry shelves.
Quilt Frenzy Archives
Special Topics
How to Miter A Corner
on a quilt or block
Kenvin Costner's Water World

A very geometric quilt with a surprise pattern each time you make it.
Strip Pieced Lone Star
Featuring the Quick and Easy 
Giant Lone Star
that uses one large scale fabric fabric .
Faux Log Cabin
Get the look  of log cabin blocks with less work.
Strip Tease
A scrappy, easy and fun quilt featuring diamonds galore using all of the fabrics you can find...
Billie Lauder's Quilt:
Duck and Duckings

Which was later  feartured on Simply Quilts
A Hexagon and Star Design...
Like the popular I spy quilts...
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