Welcome to the One Day Quilt Frenzy.
I hope this to be the beginning of a series of quilt in a day online workshops.

Your host for the classes: Mary Ann Beattie
aka... mab   ...aka Queen Kahuna

The date was March 21, 1999,  3 pm in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time, USA

 If you didn't make the class, the digests will be up in the onelist Archives for you to read later.  The archives  carry all the letters, check from March 18 to the 21st for the class e-mail. So if you didn't make the online class, you can read the archives later and learn from there too.

It might be fun to get a gang of your own together and do this class... it is more fun when you have a bunch!

Pre-Frenzy Tips We have been chatting for several days now and offering tips. If you just signed on and don't feel like viewing the archives, select tips have been posted here.

If you aren't on the "One-day-quilt-frenzy" e-mail list sign up here.

Remember, this class was inspired by the original instructions by Pat Coulter.  Here is a link to her web page... there are some really nice 3-D triangle quilts to see there for inspiration.

Here are a few of the quilts our gang made.
Now on my table, I have that freezer paper...a collection of fabrics from light to medium to dark for each sub-divided triangle... a ruler with 1/4 inch markings...  rotary cutter and mat... an iron and something to iron on... some colored pencils... glue stick... thin straight pins... thread... and some snacks!  (no diet food allowed!)  Feed the baby, put on the answering machine, get a selection of your favorite CD's, send the kids to the movies, the DH to the home store and let's go!
Introduction.... getting started STEP 1: Drawing your initial pattern Drawing options
Pre-Frenzy Tips
STEP 2: Determining your light source and labeling the triangles
STEP 3: Making freezer paper templates from your triangles and sub-dividing the triangles. Step 4: Sub-dividing your triangles Step 5: How to use freezer paper for a quilt pattern Step 6: How to set in seams
Step 7: More how to set in seams Step 8: Sewing it all together Step 9 More sewing it together with more pictures Back to the Main One Day Quilt Frenzy Page