Main page of appliqué
(or what I have so far!)
This appliqué series will be divided into categories as the pages expand.  I would love to have a complete web site on appliqué, and as time allows, I will continue to add to these pages. 

Right now I have an online class called the 
"Haunted Halloween Path". 

It is a really cute and easy "path" quilt block done with strip piecing and directions on how to appliqué the center pumpkin. 

You can change the pumpkin center to another season, like spring, by adding a cute bunny or Easter basket.

Change to  winter by adding snowmen and the "Ice Path"!  Don't walk away because it is a pumpkin in the lesson format.  Be creative and think of a path that you would like to walk on, be spooky or spring, winter or fall...

So, take a look at this lesson and see if it is something that will interest you.  Appliqué is very easy once you try it and the "scare tactics" put upon the "A" word are not justified...  trust me...

Lesson Blocks for this quilt:

Haunted path block and directions for making it.

Pumpkin Appliqué center block with a  general hand appliqué lesson for making the shapes of the pumpkin and  very easy graceful bias vines.

Practice appliqué hearts for a quick lesson and test run to learn to do freezer paper "on the bottom" appliqué .

In the future as time allows, I will expand to other techniques of appliqué using freezer paper on the top and freezer paper appliqué borders. 

I will also get into "needle turn appliqué".  This is great for sewing down elements cut from fabric to apply to other fabric.  For example, I once cut a yellow submarine from a fun fabric and appliquéd it to an under the sea round robin piece. I added a lovely submarine without a lot of the piecing work of making the submarine.

You can do appliqué by the cut and needle turn method.  A lot of the Hawaiian quilts are made this way. 


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