Some quilt block setting idea's for your jars/bottles.
Here is one of the graphics of a virtual jar/bottle quilt that Lynn make in EQ4. 

The "shelves" hold treasures that are special to you.

The black background sets off the bright fabrics.

Use your imagination and fill your shelves with special memories.

Bottled fish by Roxanne. 

On the left is the mason jar quilt with just mason jars filled with your special theme fabrics. 

This one features a white background.

Due to the limited fabric selections in EQ4, the fabrics in these jars are not "really" of images of fruits, veggies or "things" but just to give you an idea of setting ideas for your quilt.

Jar of corn by Penny Sue Irwin.  Don't you just love the ruffles?

You don't have to make your jar quilt large. This is a very nice smaller wall quilt.


Lynn's WWW pages for the Bottle / Jar Frenzy. Some other WWW pages with bottle quilts to see and some patterns from other sites. 
Here are some pages with directions on how to design your own bottles for your quilt. A little direction on how to "stack your shelves". 
Books on the shelf, how to make your own stack. Graph paper for designing your patterns.

Measure from black line to black line to make sure your printer is giving you the correct size of graph.

The PC Piecers Free Pattern Page has foundation patterns for the following items
for your shelf:

6" foundation pieced Mason Jar. 

6" "Ship In A Bottle"

3" x 6" wine bottle

Tall, thin and elegant wine bottle pattern.

 3" x 3" baby food jar

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