On Flamingo Pond.........

OR......  "Cinco de Maya Fiesta" for our May 5 frenzy!
Think "Fiesta" colors... Cinco de Maya #1  .. . . . Cinco de Maya #2
This is a very geometric quilt. 

The original traditional pattern is called "Squares and Stripes".

Kind of blagh name, egh?  You can tell it is a really old pattern.

So I decided to try to rename it one of our "Frenzy Fun" names.

I thought of some movies with our favorite actors... I love Geena Davis and thought of "CutThroat Island"... well... maybe too violent.  I thought of Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson in "Bird on a Wire"... not bad but ....

Then I thought the surface of the quilt looked like a pond covered with lily pads and shadows, and sunshine.  Then I thought of of our freind the flamingo at this pond so thought to call the quilt pattern "On Flamingo Pond". I don't know why, but that is the name of it, of course, you are free to name your version anything your little heart desires!


Here is a pink and brown version...

You will notice first off that the dark fabric becomes your "focal fabric".  You need the dark area's to be a darker fabric fo you get the pattern to show up like it does in these samples. 

If you reverse the colors you get a different pattern but it is not quite a striking.

Here is a "blues" version...
There is a version where the light is in the dark place and I don't see it happening as a quilt for me... but your milage may vary and you may like it better!
Want you need are three fabrics with high contrast.

You need the contrast to define the pattern.  Try not to have three florals or three of any one "texture" of fabric.  Make all the textures of the fabrics and color value of the fabrics differnet. 

Get the Electric Quilt 4 project file with these quilts in it.
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Page 2
What do your blocks look like?
Page 3
How many rows for a rectangle quilt... square quilt?
Page 4
Fabric  you will need.
Page 5
The sewing together of the blocks.
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