Roman Stripes or Sunshine and Shadows Quilt

Known by two names this quilt is stunning in one dark side and "controlled" stripes on the other side, or as a scrappy quilt with many different stripes on one side and the other half one color. The other color can be light or dark, all one fabric or a variety of fabrics that "read" the same from a distance.  It is quilt that is fun to play with.

Inspired by the Eleanor Burns method of the "Roman Stripes" quick quilt tube method.   This is my on-line turtoial  of how I did my version of the RS or SAS quilt, and my graphics from playing around in Electric Quilt software.
  1)  This is a "spring" version. It has scrappy strips and a light "sunny" side.

To make this quilt use many different medium color fabric strips and one fabric for the plain side.

It is set in a straight set.  The nice thing about the straight set it that you only have the seams between the blocks to match.

  2) This is a "dark" version. It has scrappy strips from light and medium fabrics and a "dark shadow" side.

This is also set in the straight set.

  3) This version uses the scrappy strips and places them in diagonal lines. It looks really neat but you have to match up all the stripes in the rows.  A little more work but a fun quilt.   4) Here is a version where you can twist and turn the blocks to come up with a very graphic version of the quilt.

This could also be done with the two "controlled" stipes and it would be very nice. (see # 6)

  5) This is a "controlled stripes" version of the quilt.  By "controlled" I mean that the stripes are in the same order in all the blocks.  To get this version, you only use 1/2 of the blocks you make in one quilt, and you can use the other half in another quilt. 

The reason is for the two quilt versions is that when you cut cut your blocks using the method we will be using, you flip/flop the cuts over a strip set of fabrics.  In doing that flip/flop you get one block with the fabrics in one order, and another block with the fabrics in the opposite order. 

See below...

  6) But the really neat thing about it, is that if you use both blocks in one quilt, you can do something like this.  You have the center of the quilt looking a little different from the outside blocks. It can create some interesting looks.
Use the links at the bottom to page 6 to see some of my real "Sunshine and Shadows" quilts.
7) The block on the left will be from the top to bottom cut of the strip and the block on the left will be from the bottom to top cut.  Notice the light blue strip is the widest strip in the left block, and the same blue strip is the narrowest strip in the block on the right. 

Now when you are doing this in a scrappy flavor, the strips will also be opposite, but that does not matter and only adds more variety to your quilt.

This will be explained more later,  just a little information here to start out with. 

The striped part we will call "Part X" throughout the turtorial.  The plain triangle we will call "Part Y".

Now on to the directions page 2... but first... get up... walk around for a few minutes, get a big glass of water to drink, (it is so good for you) then proceed...
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