Our Twisted Frenzy...OR... 
"Twisted (whatever your theme is) for our twisted frenz!

These are some quilt idea's..Think "vibrant" colors...
spring theme (including sunflowers for Doc Di), Amish theme, chicken theme, cats, bugs, fish, jungle theme for Lady Elaine, etc.
This is a very geometric quilt. 

It uses two  traditional patterns. One is the "snowball" block, and one is the "twist" block.

Original patterns used templates but the new strip pieced, rotary cutting methods make it easy.

The sample version has 36 snowball blocks and 24 twist blocks.

Needs a ''mingo frenz name", egh?  So I decided to  name it one of our "Frenzy Fun" names, so it is just "Our Twisted Frenzy".

That is the generic name of it, of course, you are free to name your version anything your little heart desires!  Just twist up your favorite fabric theme and go for it!  "Twisted Chickens", "Twisted Fish", "Twisted Sunflowers"... ohhhhhh, now you get it!

This smaller version uses 12 twist blocks and 14 snowball blocks..
It is about 40" x 42 1/2" without borders.

Here is a purple and green version in a smaller size...
You will notice first that with a light background, your darker twists really stand out.  These two twist fabrics are generally the same intensity, but it is the color contrast that makes them stand apart from each other. 

Here is the same set size and same color rings, but a  pink background...  oh, and I also made the corner setting triangles purple like the border. It gives it a nice curved look.

Pink and purple rings on a small floral background.

Green and floral rings on a light background.

Kind of a "southwest" version with turquoise and orange rings on a speckled background. There are no "floating squares" so the blocks meet the border.
Here is a version where the light rings and the dark rings make the pattern look just a little different.  Sort of a "Twist on Memorial Day" quilt!
The quilt on the left is a little different. It in NOT set "on point". It is a straight set so you don't need the setting triangles. 

If you want to make this quilt, make the "twist" and "snowball" blocks as usual, and just look at the diagram for how to turn the blocks. One row has the purple fabric going across the row, and the next row has the purple fabric going up and down.  It is easy as can be.  It is the same trick for the snowball blocks as in the on point quilt... whichever color fabric strip is going across from left to right in the row is the color snowball block you put in that row.

Oh yes, and the best for last... a version with four different color rings... what a show stopper and not as difficult as you may think it is. 

In this quilt pattern you really need the contrast to define the pattern.  I have found that with this quilt you can use color variations of the same fabric and the quilt still comes out beautiful.  I know in a lot of our lessons we say to try not to have three florals or three of any one "texture" of fabric in the quilt for interest, but in this quilt it seems to work using dofferemt colorways of the same small texture fabric that looks like a solid from a distance.  Even solids make a stunning quilt, like the Amish version that is first. 

So, just pick a theme and go with it... 

Get the Electric Quilt 4 project file with these quilts in it.

Page 1


Graphics of quilts for ideas.

Page 2

What do your blocks look like?

Fabric  you will need forlap size quilt.

Page 3

How to cut the fabric.

Page 3a:
larger quilt

Page 4

Piecing your blocks.

Page 4a

Four fabric twist quilt

Page 5

Setting your quilt together... tricks that will simplify it all.

Page 6

PhotoPoint web page with pics of quilts by our 

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