Quick Lone Star
This is an idea of mine for a quick quilt. Yes, quick! What you do is follow the directions for the stripped lone star through to making the giant template, (link 5 below) except you don't strip piece the points.

To make this, cut the eight big diamond sections from a solid piece of cloth to showcase the print. Cut four squares and triangles from a coordinating print, add some borders and you are done!

An easy quilting design is to just quilt around the motifs in the fabric and something in the borders and you are done.

You can make it baby size, bed size or a square wall quilt.

splashy printI love big splashy floralandanimal fabrics, handdyes in which the colors are absolutely fabulous. And how about those batiks that represent fish or fauna and especially tropical prints. And the African fabrics??  wow, would those be great!

These gorgeous fabrics will make the quilt, you don't need an intricate block design. And, if you chop these large scale prints up into little pieces you loose the beauty of the fabric, so why not just showcase the fabric with great big diamond star points and a simple design?

Now imagine how quick this will go together! The results will be stunning...it will take only a few hours to cut and piece this quilt once you make the giant diamond template!

An easy way to quilt this... just quilt around the motifs, be they flowers, birds, fish, or other flora and fauna. Quilt the same designs in the borders...you will like it!

Main Introduction Page 2) How big a star 3) Fabric choices 4)You need a 45 degree diamond 
4a) If you have a 45 degree diamond
4b) draft using a protractor.
4c) draft  using a compass.
4d)  .pdf format printout
5) Making a star point in any length
6)  Sew 
    Page 1
    Page 2

7) figure size of background squares and triangles

8) Sewing together star points/ setting in the background
9) Adding Borders

9a) floating your blocks

10) *really easy* Lone Star quilt.
easy* Lone Star quilt.