"Strip Tease"
(named by Mary E. of San Francisco)
This quilt goes with anything, any decor, any setting including a nice beige cat!  Oh that cat Captain Morgan!  He snuggled right in and made a bed for himself.

Here is the main thing about this quilt.  If you step way, way back and see the whole quilt, yes, you will see light and dark "spots".  However, you very seldom see a quilt that far away. It is usually thrown over a sofa for a cuddle quilt or on a bed. Your eyes wonder over it and see "clusters" of the colors.  And you will find that you want to look and look and look and look.  It is a fun quilt. 

Don't fuss too much about which strips gets sewn to what or placed next to what.  It is fun to just grab a strip and start to sew! You know why, you spend time matching strips to strips and when you sub cut and re sew them back together, the other side will be against another fabric and you won't even see all that matching up that you tried to do!  Trust me....

The objective...
The objective is to sew the strips you collected into "strip sets".  I sew them into four strip sets.   You will take half of your strips and stagger down, and take half of the strips and stagger up.  This gives you your "zig and zag". 

Now, this quilt isn't this ripply!  I have it hanging on the clothes line and I flipped the quilt sideways for the WWW (see the pins on the side?!)  I couldn't get a better pic today.  I will try for a better one tomorrow.

Now you see, here is the "built in" border.  And notice that when you see just a portion of the quilt, you don't see "spots" of color.  You see some here and some there.  And you can see from the picture of the cat sleeping on the quilt above thrown over a chair, that you can have any and all fabrics together next to each other and it just doesn't see to matter. 
After you sew your strips together, you will sub cut them into the diamonds using your 45 degree angle on your ruler.   I'll show you how!  You will get about 8 to 9 diamond sets from one set, depending on the width of your fabrics and how you stagger them when you sew. 

This is your strip set after it is sewn together... you will subcut into 31/2" sections at a 45 degree angle. 



This is one diamond set.  You will have 7 to 8 or 9 the same unless you used fat quarters and 22" of fabric, and then you will have about 4 sets with the same fabrics.  You will take these and begin to lay them out in zig's and zag's to create your quilt top.  Mix them up but don't fuss a lot about what they are put next too.  Just try to keep the same ones away from each other. 
Next to to step 2, Supplies and fabric needs... Don't get flustered, I have a lot of digital pictures so you can follow right along. Just have fun!
 Introduction and objective 1) Supplies and fabric needs 2) Basic quilt / quilt with "built-in borders"

2b) standard matress sizes

3) Larger quilt chart 4) Sew your strips together
5) Press your strips 6) Sub-cut your strips 7) Sew your diamond rows together 8) Sew your diamond rows together,  page 2 9) Admire the work of these "frenz" and see their "stripper quilt" pic's!
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