Rachel Corrie - Peace Activist or Palestinian Tool?

A false claim has been made that Rachel Corrie of Olympia, Washington, was 'murdered' by the Israelis.

I am now going to address some of the false claims below.   You will need to be very observant or you will do what many have done already, and miss the clues to the lies being told by the Palestinian and anti-Israel media. The original stories told by ISM were that Rachel was deliberately mowed down while standing with a megaphone in her hand at this site. The ISM story later changed as the facts were exposed.

Photos by Joseph Smith and Richard Purssell (ISM Handout).

Two more photos - check the background in those pics.    Also notice that these are two completely different bulldozers.


See the trees in the background? The lower bulldozer has a different front.

Suddenly there are no trees in the background.

Rachel Corrie was described as being seated on the ground, not standing when she was accidentally run over by the Bulldozer.


The injured Rachel Corrie on the ground. Notice the positions of the two friends, this photo was either taken with the camera at an angle, or cut to make it appear that they are on a slope. When people are on a slope they tend to still sit up straight, but the angle of these people's bodies is wrong. Take particular notice of the woman holding Rachel Corrie in her lap.

Angle of photo corrected, like everything else about this story even the photos are skewed.

Closeup of the injured Rachel Corrie.   There are no obviously visible head/skull injuries yet the Palestinians claimed that she 'dead of massive head and chest injuries'     Her clothing is intact.  

Her friends are holding Corrie in this photo, despite the report I read of one witness saying that she claimed her back was broken.

CNN Israeli bulldozer kills American protester
A member of the solidarity group, who identified herself as Alice from London, said she and Corrie had sat for about three hours in front of houses belonging to their friends. The driver of the bulldozer must have seen them, she said, but drove over Corrie anyway.
She emerged from under the bulldozer saying, "My back is broken, my back is broken," Alice told CNN.

It was reported that she was alive when this photo was taken, and that she reportedly died before reaching a 'Palestinian' hospital. Personally I prefer to hear the results of the autopsy.

The Palestinians have a long history of faking deaths, such as the false claims of a massacre of thousands at Jenin, when the death toll was wildly exagerated.

QUOTE FROM Brian Levitan - President of the SZC.

Dejavu of the following falsifications and misreporting : of Mohamed al dura ( could never have been shot ffrom Israeli positions - ballistics geometry,never buried still believed to be alive, collaboration of the French,) the infamous Tuvia Grosman case where a policemen protecting a Jew from being beaten by PA thugs is portrayed and attacking defenceless Palestinians.

The bloodied Jew, not a Palestinian, being Protected is Tuvia Grossman.

In May 2001, BBC fabricated a film clip in an attempt to show Israeli brutality. When Israelis struck a Palestinian base in Gaza, there were no pictures of victims -- since Israel struck at empty buildings.

But BBC editors inserted a film clip of Israeli victims of Palestinian terror arriving at an Israeli hospital, to suggest that these were victims of Israeli attack. The newsreader in London, a former BBC correspondent in Israel herself, ended the segment with "These are the pictures from Gaza Jennin, and selsewhere. The 'Faked funeral procession' 28th April 2002 - JERUSALEM (CNN) -- The Israel Defense Forces released a videotape showing what it calls "a phony funeral that the Palestinians organized in order to multiply the number of casualties in Jenin." In a statement posted on the IDF Web site, Col. Miri Eizen said the pictures were shot by an aerial drone on April 28, depicting a funeral procession held between a cemetery and an area of the Jenin refugee camp destroyed during the Israeli occupation. And now we have the bulldozer 'accident' - Reuters trying to beat BBC for fabrication of evidence."

Rachel Corrie being treated by the Palestinians.

"Corrie was dead of massive head and chest injuries by the time she arrived at nearby Najar hospital in Rafah, said the hospital's director, Dr. Ali Moussa."

Those massive head injuries didn't stop the doctor from holding the top of her head.

This photo is apparently post mortem.

Source: Blogspot.com

"Joseph Smith, 20, a student and a fellow activist from Missouri, said: “She was sitting in the path of the bulldozer. The bulldozer saw her and ran over her. She ended up completely underneath it. He absolutely knew she was there.”

quotes from:


How do we know where she was killed? The Palestinians are quite capable of murdering her themselves, looking for more propaganda?

Who is Rachel Corrie?  Is she a Peace Activist?  Then why is she burning a mock US Flag?


The Mock Palestinian Funeral for Rachel Corrie.
Why do they need to have a 'mock' funeral?   At this time there has been no real funeral for Rachel Corrie.

It seems that the propaganda war continues.   What is the organisation she represents?

The International Solidarity Movement supports Palestinian Terrorism.

Quote from Brian Levitan

Both The Australian and the SMH have regurgitated the buncombe of the global media, and omitted salient facts, and have failed to print my letters to the editor to correct their misinformation concerning the death of Rachel Corrie.

Rachel Corrie was accidentally killed in Gaza when she stood atop a mound as a bulldozer was excavating tunnels used by Palestinian terrorists to illegally smuggle weapons from Egypt into Gaza. She evidently fell backward, tumbling down the mound, and the bulldozer accidentally crushed her. She was not acting as a 'human shield' to prevent targeted houses being demolished. Rafah is a border crossing - the PA regularly dig tunnels to smuggle arms. That's what the IDF were PRIMARILY doing there - excavating tunnels, some of the tunnels emerge in houses, and those houses are destroyed with the tunnels.

The media show angelic photos of Rachel Corrie. For a truer picture of who she was, one can find on the web a photo of Ms. Corrie burning an American flag among Palestinians in Gaza. Her face is the face of a hate-filled fanatic. The media reports omit the following:

a) Corrie was a member of the radical ISM well known for her anti-Israel and anti-American activities, including flag burning.

b) Soldiers repeatedly warned demonstrators to keep a safe distance.

b) One of the ISM founders admits the protesters might not have been as disciplined in their protest as they should have been.
The headline in The Australian ' Then they ran back over her' is outrageous as it is inaccurate. It was an accident.
If you do not keep a safe distance from bulldozers excavating tunnels, you take a chance you might be bulldozed.
She did, and she was.

a) The bulldozer was NOT demolishing houses
b) The bulldozer was excavating tunnels dug to smuggle arms and explosives to murder innocent people.
c) The pictures and the story shown by Reuters ( and regurgitated by The Australian and the SMH) are a scam, they were taken elsewhere, not at the Rafa site, and not before the accident.
d) The issue of Rachel Corrie being a hate-filled antisemite is relevant to the incident
e) Israel and the IDF have been unfairly and maliciously maligned, and I have both a duty of care, and a right to challenge injustice and present the facts.


Brian Levitan
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