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Columbine Survivors
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  • Lance Kirklin
  • Valeen Schnurr
  • Anne Marie Hochhalter
  • Sean Graves
  • Mark Kintgen
  • Richard Castaldo
  • Brian Anderson
  • Nicole Nowlen
  • Mark Taylor
  • Stephanie Munson
  • Adam Kyler
  • Lisa Kreutz
  • Jennifer Doyle
  • Stephen Austin Eubanks
  • Nick Foss
  • Dan Steepleton
  • Joyce Jankowski
  • Michael Johnson
  • Pat Nielson
  • Jeanna Park
  • Kasey Ruegsegger
  • Makai Hall
  • Patrick Ireland
  • A Look Ahead...

    A year has passed since the tragedy at Columbine High School. A dreadfully painful year for the families of the slain victims. Each passing holiday and birthday spent without their loved one for the first time only intensifying their heart breaking grief.... Families of the injured forced to watch their child suffer through painful surgeries, rehabilitation, and emotional turmoil... A community in shock trying to cope with the knowledge that their children are not even safe at school... A school trying to rebuild and ensure the safety and well being of it's students... and a saddened world in disbelief wanting to reach out and help.

    Yes, a year has passed, almost in slow motion as answers are sought and not always found. In the passed year we have seen new threats of violence happening in schools all over the U.S. and just recently, in Flint, Michigan six year old Kayla Rolland was shot and killed by another six year old classmate. SIX YEARS OLD! What are we going to do? Gun safety, gun control, something has to change! In this "global community" perhaps we can help each other heal and once again make our schools a safe place for our children. After all...


    Since I know that many people across the world feel as I do and would like to reach out and help in whatever way they can, I've decided to gather and post a list of as many of the different foundations and fundraisers that I could find. If you know of one that I missed, please write to me.

    Let's not forget that there are still several Columbine students who are recovering from the carnage of that awful day, and need your support! Let's help them look ahead to a better future, one step at a time. Choose a cause below that stirs your heart and be a part of the Healing and the Hope. I Personally chose to donate to the Library Fund so that the students could once again read and study in a proper facility without the visual reminders of that dark and tragic day. I believe that they intend to turn the old library into an Atrium dedicated to the memory of the students who died that day.

    Some of the listings here don't even require a monetary contribution, such as the quilting project or the shoe collection... donate your time or talent! This very web site falls under that contribution category. Every single one of these causes are important, so just chose one and watch it meet it's goal... Thanks to you!

    *NOTE* The author of this site has done everything possible to ensure that the foundations, fundraisers, and memorial funds listed on this page are valid and honest in their claims but cannot be held respsonible if they are not. Please research any of them first if you are in doubt. The author of this site is not afilliated with ANY of these listings in any way, shape, or form. They are just offered here as a convenience to those who want to reach out and help the victims of the Columbine tragedy. The author of this site will not and can not take your money or checks, and in no way handles the monetary transactions for any of the listings on this site. Please visit the websites if available, write, or call the foundation/fund to find out where and how to make a contribution.


    The Jefferson Foundation
    Columbine Memorial Fund

    Assistance for CHS students and their families and support for violence-prevention programs
    809 Quail St., Building 1
    Lakewood, CO 80215

    LMC Community Foundation
    Jeffco Safe Students Fund
    4851 Independence St.
    Suite 159, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033.
    Or call (303) 467-4170

    Jeffco Credit Union Columbine Memorial Fund
    355 Union Blvd.
    Lakewood, CO 80228.

    Sooper Credit Union Columbine Support Fund
    5590 W. Evans Ave.
    Denver, CO 80227

    Jefferson County Public Schools
    Columbine High School Assistance Fund

    Colorado High School Activities Board
    14855 East 2nd Avenue
    Aurora, CO 80011

    Jefferson Center for Mental Health
    provides counseling to schools and community members
    Jefferson Center for Mental Health
    5265 Vance St.
    Arvada 80002

    Foothills Park & Recreation District Foothills Foundation
    Funds used to create a permanent memorial in Clement Park
    Columbine High School Memorial Fund
    P.O. Box 621788
    Littleton,Co. 80162-1788

    CSU Foundation
    Funds will be used to help rebuild the library.
    Colorado State Cares
    CSU Foundation P.O. Box 1870
    Ft. Collins, CO 80522-1870

    The Denver Foundation
    Funds will be used to provide scholarships for students and staff
    P.O. Box 24035
    Denver, CO 80224-0035

    Columbine Community Citizens Task Force c/o The Denver Foundation
    started by concerned citizens to create proactive solutions to the challenges facing the Columbine community
    P.O. Box 24035
    Denver, CO 80224-0035

    CEA - Christa McAuliffe Excellence Scholarship Fund
    Jefferson County Education Association
    1050 Wadsworth Blvd.
    Lakewood, CO 80215

    Columbine Commercial Federal Bank
    A relief fund to assist those who have suffered as a result of the tragedy. Donations may be made at any Commercial Federal Bank in Colorado.

    South Metro Chamber of Commerce
    Columbine Support Fund

    c/o Colorado Business Bank
    101 W. Mineral Ave.
    Littleton 80120

    The Lullaby for Columbine Project

    CD Also available at for $11.99
    All songs are listed here along with several professional and customer reviews.

    Individual Funds:

    Richard Castaldo Fund
    1st Bank of Littleton
    Attn: Cathy
    P.O. Box 2738
    Littleton, CO 80161

    Anne Marie Hochhalter Supplemental Care Trust
    1st Bank of South Jeffco
    6701 S. Wadsworth Blvd.
    P.O. Box 620009
    Littleton, CO 80162-9903

    Sean Graves Recovery Fund
    1st Bank
    6701 S. Wadsworth Blvd.
    Littleton, CO 80123

    Patrick Ireland and Family Fund
    Northwest United Federal Credit Union
    P.O. Box 547
    Arvada, CO 80001

    The Lance Kirklin Columbine High School Victim Survivors Fund
    First Bank
    Denver, CO 80161

    Lance Kirklin Support Fund
    c/o Everen Securities
    8005 S. Chester St., Suite 300
    Englewood, CO 80112
    Attention: Bret Roberts
    (303) 925-8500 or (800) 300-9648

    Healing Fund for Isaiah Shoels and Lance Kirklin
    City Wide Bank
    P.O. Box 128
    Aurora, CO 80040
    (303) 365-3673

    The Steven R. Curnow Memorial Fund
    c/o First Bank
    P.O. Box 2297
    Littleton, CO 80123

    Kelly Fleming Memorial
    Jefferson County Victim Advocates
    c/o Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
    200 Jefferson County Parkway
    Golden, CO 80401

    Daniel Mauser Memorial
    Foundation for Children and Aging
    1 Elmwood Ave.
    Kansas City, KS 66103

    Dan Rohrbough Memorial
    The Petrone Scholarship Fund
    c/o Norwest Bank
    8500 W. Bowles Ave.
    Littleton, CO 80123

    Rachel Scott Memorial Fund
    Englewood Municipal Credit Union
    3400 S. Elati
    Englewood, CO 80211

    Lauren Dawn Townsend Memorial and Scholarship Fund
    c/o EVERN Securities
    165 S. Union Blvd., Suite 900
    Lakewood, CO 80228-2214

    Matt Kechter Memorial Fund
    c/o PSCCU
    7055 E. Evans Ave.
    Denver, CO 80224

    Mark Taylor Fund
    First Bank
    University and County Line Road

    The Dave Sanders Memorial Scholarship Fund
    Account No. 1242346
    c/o Mountain States Bank
    1635 E. Colfax Ave.
    Denver, COLO 80218.

    John Robert Tomlin Memorial Fund
    Front Range Bank
    13013 W. Alameda Parkway
    Lakewood County, Colorado


    The Healing Fund
    P.O. Box 46531
    Denver, CO 80201
    Phone: 303-561-2252

    Community Healing Fund
    c/o Mile High United Way

    Phone: (303-433-8383)
    2505 18th Street
    Denver, CO 80211

    Columbine Student's Memorial Garden Fund
    C/O Key Bank
    151 W. Mineral Ave. #107
    Littleton, CO 80120

    Hope Columbine Library Fund
    c/o The Denver Foundation
    P.O. Box 24035
    Denver, CO 80224-0035

    Quilting for Columbine
    Put your quilting skills to work for the victims of Columbine!

    The Columbine Commisioning Fund
    Musical Composition
    - The piece will be composed by Frank Ticheli, and is scheduled to be premiered on April 20, 2000, by the Columbine High School band, in a concert in memory of this tragic event. Their minimum goal is $5800.00 to cover the total commissionning costs.

    The Never Forgotten Fund
    Pins sold for $5.00 each. Cash donations are welcome
    4695 S. Monaco
    Denver, CO 80237

    Friend of Mine
    The proceeds from sales of their CD go to the victims' families.
    PO Box 3099
    Littleton, CO 80161

    Columbine, friend of mine auction

    This is a compilation album, with songs from a number of artists who wanted to dedicate a song or musical work to this cause.

    Columbine T-Shirts
    Cost is $10.00 - Phone: 303-574-9191
    Available at local King Soopers stores
    13100 39th Ave. Unit X
    Denver, CO 80239

    More T-Shirts - Available at Mugs, Etc.

    Yellow T-shirts with a Blue Columbine Flower. includes a dedication to the victims.

    7200 West Alameda
    Lakewood, CO 80226
    Villa Italia Shopping Center (303)922-3755

    Beanie Babies

    There are two different collectible beanie bears available; 1 is silver and 1 is blue (Columbine High School's colors) Price: $23.95 plus $5.00 for shipping or handling All proceeds will go to the Columbine Fund.

    Available at: Celebrations
    303-690-1533 or 303-627-8407

    Unofficial Columbine Stuffed Bears

    The bears are not official Beanie Babies made by Ty, but are similar in design. The bears will cost $10.95, plus $3.95 in shiping and handling. Mail a check or money order to:

    Kids Kreations
    P.O. Box 622002
    Littleton, CO 80162
    Or Call: (303)933-1099.

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