A Look Back &

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A Look Ahead...

A look back...

"On April 20, 1999, two students walked non-chalantly into Columbine High School at 11:15 a.m. and fired shots from a multi-gun arsenal and lobbed homemade bombs throughout the school. At the end of the rampage, 12 students, one teacher and the gunmen were dead."

The above is quoted from the Boulder News Daily Camera. Visit their web site for an indepth chronological look back at what happened on that unforgettable, tragic day. For current newswire information including reports on the current controversies, you can logon to Time Magazine, CNN and/or Salon News.

The rest of this update will focus on the look ahead and how you can help.

obserences and rememberances one year later

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Hope... click to help Columbine build a new Library and Atrium


Find out how the injured students and the families of those slain are coping and how you can help. There are many, many ways that YOU can help. Click on the above link to see a vast collection of memorial, recovery, and individual funds that you can donate to, as well as fundraisers for several Columbine related causes.

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