Runes are ancient symbols of germanic-scandinavian origin,later acquired and diffused also by Celts.
The Runic Alphabeth consists of 24 symbols that represent the entire Universe and that hold the megin , the magic power of every person.
The runic Alphabeth divides the Runes in three groups:
Of the FREYS AETT (Freir's family)
Of the HAGAL AETT(Hagal's family)
Of the TYR AETT (Tyr's family)
The word Rune is originated from hindoeuropean root "Reu" ,meaning rumble,while another theory takes it back to the hindoeuropean Veru,
the protector.
In Northerh Tradition, the Runes are magic symbols which origin directly from the Gods,a sort of symbolic language that holds the secrets of knowledge.
The first diffusion of runic symbols was oral,being priority of the religious
Class,(the Druids among Celts),while later runes were transcripted on stones.

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