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Cast: Vijayakanth & Simran

A socially relevant issue weaved into a well-crafted script, fast paced narration, slick edition and camera work, Illaiyaraja's throbbing background score, and an excellent performance by Vijaykant makes Ramana a film you wouldn't regret watching. No doubt there are shades of 'Citizen' and 'Samurai' in the story-line, but it's engaging nevertheless the director revealing a firmer grip on the medium than he did in his debut film 'Deena'.

Fifteen Tahsildhars are kidnapped almost simultaneously from their homes in different parts of the state. A few days later, 14 are released, the remaining one found hanging in a public place. He was the 'number-1' , the most corrupt of the lot. The scenario is repeated at other government establishments, revealing a well-planned network and a mastermind guiding it. It is the handiwork of Ramana, a college professor to the outside world and his mysterious ACF (Anti-corruption Force). While the cops are flabbergasted, Constable Saravanan, jibed often by his seniors, comes close to unravelling the identity of the brain behind the affair. Ramana's family and a hundred others were victims of the corrupt system, and he had made it his life's mission to eliminate corruption in a unique way. And it is the student community he has mobilised to support him.

There are some light touches when the corrupt officers refuse to take bribes fearing the ACF, some even submitting a record of their earlier takings to prove they are the less corrupt ones. Scenes of corruption in a private hospital is a little overdone. Further, it is difficult to believe that after Ramana surrenders, and all the while the case was going on, till he is sentenced, the public has never seen Ramana's face! Ramana, sentenced to the gallows, is brought before the public to appease the mob, in what is said to be 'the first time the public gets to see the man's face'!

Vijaykant's is a role closer to his age and status, which he performs with a passion and involvement. Simran in a cameo as his wife, and debutant Ashima as the girl with a crush on Ramana fit into their roles. Vijayan gets noticed as the unscrupulous businessman. While for Yuhi Sethu, it's a meaty role which he performs creditably. 'Ramana' is a watch 'able' film despite its flaws.

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Kathal Alivhathuillai
Cast: Silambarasan & Charmi

The camera is not new to him, he has been acting since he was in the cradle. But there is more at stake here, for it is his first appearance as a hero. It is a home production with father Rajender, Jack of all trades, taking charge of the scripting, direction, music, lyrics and the camera. It is a romance, typical Rajender style.

This rich guy-poor girl romance, set against a college campus backdrop is narrated in the director's expected, inimitable style. The alliteratives are strewn throughout the film. Silambarasan no doubt has 'heroic' potential, emotes fairly well, dances and fights expertly. The fact being that he couldn't come out of his father's shadow, and is given no chance to test his individual style, but made to appear more like a Rajender clone. In fact every other artiste is made to adopt Rajender's mannerisms and style of dialogue delivery, talking in rhymes, till it all becomes a bit too jarring in the end.

Charmi, who looked better in her photographs than in the film, at times gives unintentionally funny expressions in serious scenes, and could have been guided better. Second son Kuralarasan as Charmi's little brother is a natural in front of the camera. And of course there is Rajender himself, who appears as 'Vakil Dada' in a few scenes to bail out the distressed hero. Providing a bit of excitement and amusement, though not always for the right reasons!

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Cast: Ajith Kumar, Meena & Kiran.

10 years ago 'Gentleman' happened. Twist the story around a bit and serve it in a new bottle, and, there it is- 'Villian' from director KS Ravikumar (Story: Yugi Sethu). It's all the magic of screenplay. In the depths of the story lies the engrossing flashbacks of Ajith's life. With those extremely poignant scenes the director had moved the film ahead.

Ajith draws ear shattering applause each time he appears in his slightly deranged and handicapped role. Fabulous acting that was! He has unleashed a fresh supply of blood in his veins. Even in his dance and stunt sequences, he shows a phenomenal improvement. Ajith is the modern times Robin Hood who steals from the scums of the universe to help people like his mentally retarded younger brother (played by Ajith himself). Somewhere along the line, he thwarts 'Pepsi' Vijayan's plans of swindling away crores and crores of donation funds from abroad that were meant for the local charity institutions. He succeeds and proves teat he is the greatest 'Villain of all the villains'.

KS Ravikumar surprises us yet again with his knack of untying the knots without much fuss. The dacoities that Ajith commits at the airport and the wedding hall simultaneously are thrilling to watch. One has to learn from KS Ravikumar how to not just think up a good scene but to deliver it onscreen too.

The film has two heroines- Meena and Kiran. Kiran's love affair with the 'bus conductor' Ajith starts on the usual 'love-at-first-fight' mode. She has exceeded the boundaries of glamour by miles in the song sequences. On the other hand there is Meena who hides her love for Ajith and participates in his robberies and finally ends up sacrificing her love. Is she eating 'Kayakalpam' or something to stay that youthful looking?

Viciousness overflows in the performance of 'Pepsi' Vijayan- starting from the scenes in which he breaks the hands and legs of young Ajith to make him beg for alms down to his attempts to rape his sister-in-law Kiran. But, it's not clear how a vicious man like him ends up becoming the trustee of crores and crores of international funds. The scenes in which Karunaas appears to figure out the role switching of both Ajiths are full of laughter. Vidhyasagar's songs are targeted at the masses. All the songs are enjoyable. The sad song 'Aadiyile kaathadichchaa' that slowly makes it way into our ears is greatly enhanced by its visual presentation.

'Kanal' Kannan's stunt sequences and the way they have been cinematographed gives a new life into them. Dialogues shine when Ajith explains his stand to Kiran, "I don't rob the rich to give it to the have-not's. I rob the rich to give to the cannot's. " The sentiments in flashbacks don't go overboard. The director has again proved his smartness in creating a bond between Kiran and the mentally retarded Ajith before he rescues her in the climax. The last 15 minutes of the film is full of masala. The director overwhelms us with rape- murder- bomb- police routine.

Hey, how many more films are we going to see that resemble 'Gentleman' and 'Samurai'? The hero robs. He has a valid excuse which he recites in a flashback. How many times are we going to be fed with re-heated stuffs like this?
But, a great slag-less screenplay and some stunning performances from Ajith make this film a treat for the senses.

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'Solla Marandha Kadhai' depicts crystal clearly the difficulties and insults that a man, who lives with his in-laws, faces (the story and title have nothing in common with each other).

Though the film proceeds with an air of gloom and with a total lack of concern about the tastes of the young crowd, the director Thangar Bachchaan succeeded in telling us his story realistically without going off-track.

A Post Graduate in Science, Cheran, is an unemployed youth who takes up to agriculture to provide for his family. In these circumstances, the family compels him to get married to Rathi and to live with her family as their live-in son-in-law. Cheran initially accepts, but when his self-respect is injured, he walks out. He goes to Neyveli and starts working there.
Cheran and his rich father-in-law 'Pyramid' Natarajan get into a fistfight and as a result, Cheran separates from his wife. Do they get back together? Thangar Bachchan has answered the question in his own emotionally powerful tone.

The screenplay has neatly recorded Cheran family's poverty and 'Pyramid' Natarajan family's wealth.
The seriousness and gore of the situation grips the viewer when 'Pyramid' Natarajan throws his son-in-law out of the house because the latter refused to be a live-in son-in-law and because he beat up his daughter. Cheran has given a very realistic performance in the film. There is no trace of hamming anywhere. He has performed very well in the scenes in which he, after all the humiliations, enters his in-laws' village for his friend's wedding and when he becomes anxious at hearing his infant cry in his in-law's house. His facial expressions ditch him in some rare instances. Nevertheless, he has given a fine performance and has come through as a good actor.

Rathi melts our hearts in the role of a young woman stuck in a difficult situation - should she support her father or her husband? Her cries in the climax still ring in our ears.
The dialogues between Rathi's younger sister and the maidservant lighten the moments.

There is something not quiet believable in the story plot- why would 'Pyramid' Natarajan get his daughter married to a very poor man just because he had done an MSc and he is a good man? Otherwise, his demeanor perfectly reflects the pride that wealth brings in. There are loads and loads of affection among the members of Cheran's family. They are a bunch of flowers who have love as their fragrance- the younger brother who meets with his sister-in-law without the knowledge of his brother and the younger sister who pines for the return of her sister-in-law.

Amidst the omnipresent gloom, there is relief in the form of 'Pushpavanam' Kuppusamy and his unique village-brand comedy. In order to keep the adulterous relationship with his girlfriend alive, he decides to marry a girl from her family. It's a bit immoral but very enjoyable comedy. Ilayaraja's song scores are beautiful. However, it is his background score that adds sparkle to scenes.
The film is full of realistic situations and scenes. Each of these powerfully portrays the strains that the husband-wife relationship undergoes in the 'pride vs. self respect' clash.

The greatest drawback of the film is its crawling pace and the depressive mood that continues through its length.
Cheran is thrown out of his in-laws' house and return to his own family, realizing that they are more important than his matrimonial life. His wife, Rathi, ends up alone as a victim of circumstances. The film takes a sharp turn as they part.

On one hand, there is the father Cheran with his unexpressed love for his child and on the other hand, there is his daughter who grows up without a father. In between, Rathi suffers. The pleasant surprise that the climax unravels soothes the heart. They are not the only ones who feel comforted in the end. We too feel as if a huge weight has got off our chests.
'Malae malae' fans wouldn't even like the sight of this film. But, the film is a boon for people who like films with strong storylines.

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The film is told through a flashback by Bhagavathy (Vijay), the underworld don who started his life owning a teashop. He worked hard to pay for his brother, Guna, who was studying to become a doctor. Guna in course falls in love with Priya, daughter of MP and don Easwara Pandian (Aashish Vidyarthi). Bhagavathy falls in love with a judge's daughter Anjali (Reema Sen) who studies in the same college. Easwara Pandian kills Guna when he comes to know of his daughter's affair. Priya pregnant with Guna's child requests Bhagavathy's protection from her status conscious father who seeks to kill her. These incidents forces a change in Bhagavathy from a simple teashop owner to a more powerful don with the help of the MP's rivals.

Bhagavathy wins people's hearts by his deeds and is all set to enter into the election fray when he is framed in a murder case and is forced to leave the city. How Bhagavathy fights to protect his brother's son from his grandfather forms the climax.

The fight scenes towards the end especially the train fight scenes are expected to be the highlight of the film. It's hard to digest a story of a happy-go-lucky tea stall owner whose only dream is to make his brother a doctor, who in the second half turns an underworld don to avenge the death of his innocent brother! Watch it if you are a die-hard fan of Vijay

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Malaysian Indian Portal

Cast: Karthik & Radha

Karthik is trying to do his best to make a come-back with the film 'Game'. The film is based on a real-life incident. According to Director John who has handled the story, screenplay and direction the movie is a thrilling mystery love story which is bound to keep you at the edge of your seat. The director also confesses that though it is based on a real-life drama the film is a cent percent entertainer. Radha who has starred in the film 'Sundara Travels' stars opposite Karthik as the heroine. The movie is due to be released for Diwali 2002.


The Dharani - Vikram teaming had resulted in the successful film 'Dhil'. Now the duo come together in yet another film titled 'Dhool'. Produced by A.M. Ratnam for his Surya Movies, 'Dhool' has Vikram paired with Jyotika and Reema Sen. It's Vikram's first pairing with Jyotika, and Reema Sen's second Tamil film after her debut in 'Minnale'. The film's supporting cast includes Vivek, Sayaji Shinde, Kalabhavan Mani, Mayilsami, and Kottachi. Gopinath cranks the camera, while the film's music is by Vidyasagar. The sets are designed by Maniraj, editing is by V.T. Vijayan, and the dance and stunt choreographies by Kalyan and Rocky Rajesh respectively.

Says director Dharani of his film. "It's an out and out action film with romance and comedy weaved in. It's about an educated youth from a village who comes to the city in search of a job. The experiences he has in the city forms the crux of the story. It's the same technical team that had worked with me in 'Dhil'."

Says hero Vikram, "Though there will be action, I get to do a lot of comedy here. It's the first time I'm acting with Jyotika. She's so expressive in the song sequences. I've to be on my toes all the time I'm acting with her, I'd call her a lady Kamal Haasan!"

The film is to be shot mostly in Chennai and neighbouring locales. A huge set of a temple, a church, some houses and a shopping area, was erected at the Indian Express Office premises. Taking part in the day's shoot were Vikram, Jyotika and Reema Sen. The scene had Vikram exercising on the terrace of his house, and Reema Sen flashing admiring glances towards him, which had Jyotika seething with fury. Vikram was in a dhoti, and his whole look was that of a rustic. Jyotika and Reema Sen play friends, Jyotika, the village belle and Reema, the modern miss. Both of them love Vikram and whom he opts for is the suspense.

Kalabhavan Mani plays a police inspector, and his mimicking the prisoners he interrogates, is reportedly one of the highlights of the film. 'Dhool' is slated for a Diwali release.


'Bala' is directed by debutant Deepak who had assisted editors Lenin-Vijayan, and director A.R. Gandhikrishna. Produced by Rajababu and Raju Mahalingam for Goldmine Pictures, 'Bala' has music by Yuvan Shanker Raja, editing by V.T. Vijayan and cinematography by Priyan. The supporting cast has Thilakan, Vadivel, Rajan P. Dev, Murali of Malayalam films. Mayilsamy, Sumitra, Monish, Raghuvaran, Karunas, Nagesh and Meera Krishnan.

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He is selective about his roles, chooses films with care, and sees that he prepares for his roles physically and mentally. After 'Sethu', the actor went a little slow in signing films. 'Vinnukkum Mannukkum' came a year later and was a damp squip. But Vikram made up for it in 'Dhil', and the film re-established his position as an actor to reckon with, and also one who has his draw at the box office. There are other films on the floors like 'Kadhal Sadugudu','Vikatan' and 'Dhool'.

'King' is the first production venture of S.K. Krishnakant who had earlier worked as the production executive for Lakshmi Movie Makers. Writing and directing the film is A.X. Solomon who had worked as assistant to director Agathiyan, and directed a Kannada film with hero Ravichandran. Solomon had also directed the Arjun-Sonali Bendre starrer 'Kannodu Kaambathellam' in Tamil, under the name Prabhu. But with the film not doing well at the box office, he changed his name to Solomon for his second Tamil film.

Vikram plays the role of King a magician in Hong Kong and lives with his father plays by Naseer. Both of them are like friends. But one day they meet with accident and doctor tells vikram that his father will only live for 60 days. The doctor requires him to fulfill his fathers wishes before he dies.
So vikram brings his dad back to his village in Karaikudi, India to his family. There the whole family members are not happy with the arrival of both of them. But sooner they all start liking them both with the help of Vikram.
The whole story basically about love and family relationaships. How important is relationship to a person. There are some twist and turning points in this movie in the intermission that turns the whole story. First half was interesting and fun but the second half was slow and sad.

Vikram did a simple but excellent role as normal hero with emotional character. Sneha looks good with the innocent chettiar girl look. Nasseer as father did well too. Besides them janakaraj comes back to screen after long time as vikram's grandfather. Vadivelu's jokes as film director makes the movie fresh.

Music by dhina a new music composer was OK and did some good number. Song seqeunce shot location was taken in HongKong and Malaysia. Not much fighting scene here, and it too looks bad and lack of logic like flying and one man against 10 bad guys.
After watch this movie it reminds me of a 1980's movie "Poove Poo Chudavaa" with the same storyline in which Nadia and Padmini starred. Overall its a family entertainer and can be seen by whole family together.

Hot News

Kadhal Virus

Kaadal Virus is ready to spread!

Successful director and the master of love stories, Kathir is ready to hit again with his latest film, KAADAL VIRUS. The film was launched two years back has crossed all the hurdles and is slated for release next month. In a function held at a five star hotel in Chennai on Wednesday, director Kaathir released the audio of the film. The film is on the lines of Ramgopal Verma's RANGEELA with lilting music done by A. R. Rehman. KAADAL VIRUS is a story about a film director who falls in love with his leading heroine.

Newcomer Richard, actress Shalini's brother, plays the director and actress Manjula's daughter Sridevi is the heroine. Rehman and Kathir had worked together for two films so far - KAADAL DESAM and KAADALAR DINAM. Vali penned the lyrics.

Kamal Haasan and R Madhavan team up in "Anbe Sivam"

Kamal Haasan and R Madhavan will team up in the versatile C.Sundar's next film "Anbe Sivam". Confirming the casting coup from Chennai, Kamal Haasan who plays sivam said, ;It is a road film featuring Madhavan and me. Sundar and I have been toying with the idea of working together for a long time. We have finally zeroed in on a subject that we want to do. But for some strange reason he wants me to write this comedy.
Kamal whose new Tamil comedy Pammal K Sambandham opened on Pongal, January 14, to roaring approval from the audience, says, "We are trying to work out Madhavan's dates".

Its all about an young artist is getting very much upset of the fights, injustice, etc. in a society. Habituated to see everything with an artistic approach, he is perturbed and his eyes and hands are changed to a killing instinct. Another artist joins him in this approach and together they try to uproot the unjustifiable activities of the society.

The story as well as the screenplay is written by Kamal. The associate of the angry Kamal is Madhavan. Just like Kamal, Madhavan is also acting as an angry young artist. Kiran is also acting in this movie as partner to Madhavan. The dance, song sequences are given to Madhavan. Kamal is in the serious role. Nazar, Kamal's the favorite actor of is also in the film. This film was to be directed by the Malayali film director Priyadarshan. Due to difference of opinion on the story, he relinquished the job. Music is by Vidyashankar. This is the first time he is taking up a job with Kamal. Brinda looks after dance choreography. Michale Westmore, the makeup consultant of Kamal, has made a special set up for Kamal.

Bala ropes in Vikram and Surya in "Pithamagan"

It is a casting coup of sorts in Tamil filmdom. Hot director Bala, of Sethu fame, has roped in top hero Vikram and young hero Surya for his new film, Pithamagan. It is Bala, a disciple of Balu Mahendra, who had launched Vikram's career in new way with blockbuster Sethu. Until then Vikram was just an ordinary hero, doing some odd roles here and there. And with Nanda, he had launched Surya's career.

To repay their Guru Dakshina, the hot heroes of Kollywood have agreed to do a film together for Bala. The film is scheduled for launch next month. V A Durai of Evergreen Internationals, who was executive producer of Baba, produces the film. Maestro Ilayaraja scores the music for this film. Bala is looking for new faces for the heroines. But he might give a role for Laila, if sources are to be believed. For they have close 'working relationship'.

Shankar will return to romance in BOYS
Official website

Shankar started pre-production work on sixth film, "Boys", the director is not prepared to say much about the film at this point. However, it is known that the film will be very youthful, almost teeny-bop, in content, with the majority of the cast being in the 16-23 age group.
Shankar, apparently, has decided to cast all new faces in his film – and the younger the better.

In fact, a mention in various Tamil periodicals, and an accompanying advertisement to the effect that Shankar was looking for new faces, has created a headache of sorts for the producers. Curriculums vitae have been pouring in to the Surya Movies post box ever since the ad and the story ran in the vernacular press – and last heard from, the flood shows no signs of abating.

Curiously enough, the ad appears – thanks to emails and discussion groups – to have reached an audience abroad as well, with the result that newer batches of applications have US, British and suchlike stamps on them, which suits the producer and director fine since the film does incorporate a lot of abroad faces.

For Shankar, Boys will be a return to romance after Kadhalan, and to comedy after the Aishwarya Rai-Prashanth starrer Jeans. Though the film will feature fresh – and ergo, inexpensive – faces, Shankar maintains that the film will be typical of his style, which means lavish budgets, and expensive production values.

Should be interesting – partly to see if Shankar can maintain a winning streak that began with his debut, Gentleman, and has spanned his next four films. More interesting from an industry point of view will be to see if a film can work on the strength of its story, its director, and its production values, without a big-name star propping it up.



'Junction', one among yet another stop where Tamil Cinema is going through a trend of making low budget films with totally new faces. 'Junction' is a story of college love, the pranks and the fun one can relate to their college days.

Abhinay of 'Thulluvatho Illamai' acts as the hero in this film. This would be his second film. He plays the role of a college student who shares a deep friendship with a famous actress and is at the same time in love with a girl in his class. The heroine selection process for this film took place in many cities like Bangalore, Mysore, Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram with umpteen models auditioning for the role. Finally two models Kanishka and Aamna from Mumbai have been selected as heroines. Kanishka has been chosen to act as the 'actress' in the film and Aamna as the student in love with Abhinay. The supporting cast in the film includes Vinayraj, Pandu and Madhan Bob.

According to information from the grape vine the sons of Hemamalini Keerthi Vasan and Madhu Sudhan also make their debut in the film. This Hemamalini is not the dream girl 'Hemamalini' who went to Bollywood, but the dubbing artiste, the voice behind the vampish Silk Smitha. Janakiraman who produced the film 'Mogha Mull' also produces this film. K.S.Ramanathan handles the story, screenplay, and direction including the dialogues. He has been the assistant director to Bharathiraja, K.S.Ravikumar, R.K.Selvamani and Maharajan. Bharadwaj scores the music. According to the director more than 60% of the film shooting will be completed by the end of July 2002 and the film will hit the theatres soon.


RUN Verdict: HIT
Director: Lingusamy
Producer: A.M.Ratnam
Cast: Madhavan, Atul Kulkarni, Meera Jasmine

Madhavan who has the boy next-door image is an action hero in Lingusamy directed Run. He has scored to a certain extent, but the audience keep wondering how a happy-go-lucky guy from a middle class family can beat up 20 goons at one go?

Shiva (Madhavan) is an unemployed youth in Srirangam. He comes to Chennai for an interview and stays with his elder sister (Anu Hassan) and husband (Raghuvaran). He sees a girl, Priya (Meera Jasmine) in a bus stop and it is love at first sight for him. He starts following her in spite of her repeated warnings that he will be in trouble. Her brother is a gangster (Atul Kulkarni) who spares no one who is after his sister. He has even gone to the extent of cutting off the hand of one of the guys who gave Priya a love letter. But our hero is made of sterner stuff, as he beats up the thugs sent by her brother and continues to follow her and express his love.A cat-and-mouse game ensues, in which the villain monitors every move made by Shiva. Priya too slowly falls in love, but her brother's machinations turn Shiva into a one-man-army. In the climax the lovers elope and in a highly contrived and clich manner the hero who is beaten black and blue, finally gets up and defeats the biggest gangster in town!

The film has no basic story and the presentation is neither new nor does it have any twist. It is an illogical story, as a man who comes to Chennai for an interview has nothing else to do other than chasing a girl and beating up a dozen thugs! Director Lingusamy is totally confused whether to make it a love story or an action masala. Madhavan has to realize that he is no Arnold Schwarzenegger and he is better off doing soft romance. The new girl Meera Jasmine from Malayalam is promising. Atul Kulkarni is refreshing as the villain. The peppy songs tuned by Vidyasagar and the restless camerawork of Jeeva are the highlights of the film. Will someone ask Vivek to stop doing the same comedy track over and over again?

On the whole Run leaves you exasperated.

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Director:Sundar C
Cast: Prasanth & Kiran.

Winner?is the next mega budget movie, produced by R. Bhooma Ramachandran, on behalf of Mother India Movies International. Prashanth plays the lead role and US born Gujarati Arthi Agarwal making her grand gala entry as heroine. Vadivelu and Vijayakumar have joined the band and selection of actors for other roles is on.

In this film where sentiment and comedy are blended, Prashant plays a youth from a village who comes to the city and takes up a job at a marriage hall. Some scenes were shot on the lead pair at Vasan House, Chennai, the place decorated to resemble the ambience of a wedding to take place. The bride to be was Kiran. Prashant had fallen in love with her, and the scene was of him trying to convince Kiran that she should back out of the marriage, and reciprocate his love. It was a hilarious scene as the hero tries to express his feelings to the would-be-bride and tries to convince her, as she stands flustered and nervous.

"It's a story about a family which gets separated due to a love affair. But it's again another love affair which re-unites them." Sunder C. is good at comedy subjects and hopefully the Prashant-Sunder combination should bring in a 'Winner'. The film is produced by Ramachandran.

Pop Carn (official website)
Cast: Mohan lal & Simran

The name of the film as it suggests is coined from the phrase"POP-CARNIVAL". The film is all about music. A corporate organizes a music competition wherein various forms of music are set to be fused and climaxed in to a huge stage which is shown in the end of the film. It is percieved to be a film for youth of today who look at music and its various facets and forms towards global acceptability.

Behind this backdrop of the competition, a stage is set for a search by two young hearts for lost contemporary music by former renowned singer and a long last father. The film climaxes in to the fusion of music at the end of competition, meeting of hearts of two young lovers and the reunion of a father and daughter.



The film is about a leading cricketer, played by Raju Sundaram, who is in love with Simran, who hates the game. The cricketer played by Raju Sundaram is a match fixer (shades of Azharuddin and Jadeja) and is hand in glove with the betting mafia. Simran when she hears that Raju is involved in match fixing is furious and swears to expose him. How she reforms him forms the rest of the story. Finally in the climax Raju has to get out at a particular score as per the ¡®dikat¡¯ of the betting mafia. But he goes on to score winning run for his team and defeats the betting mafia.


This is another film from the remake factory of Priyadarshan. This time the film is remade from the Malayalam hit Summer In Bethlehem. Shaam and debutant Trisha are in the lead cast of Lesa Lesa.

The story is set in a hill station (Ooty) where a rich man comes with his five grand daughters (four of them are Mumbai models) for vacation. The fifth girl (Trisha) is very smart, and she is the favourite of the grandfather. But she has some secret, which nobody knows. The girls meet two guys, one of them their own cousin who are their neighbours and they play all pranks on them. One of them (Shaam) falls in love with Trisha, but she shocks him, by telling that she has a lover who is in jail. This forms the climax of the film. Two Malayalam stars Sreenivasan and Innocent are roped in for comedy. Madhavan makes a cameo role in the end. The film is a full-length comedy entertainer.

more preview coming soon


As far as I have known it is a remake of a hit telugu movie called "Aadi". The story goes like this: Hero's parents was killed when he was young and after many years this kid grow up and take revenge on this bad guys.:-)

Other stories:
Prasath, loving addressed as Jai is a popular fun-loving college student, who is a gifted computer wizard & a passionate cricket player. His sole motive in life is to take upon his father's unfulfilled mission to fight back his rival. In the meanwhile he falls in love with a girl, not knowing that she belongs to the family of his rival. Later he learns about this intriguing situation. He decides that he will marry the girl & also take revenge on his family's tormentor. How he ultimately achieves both has been dealt with sentiments & action.

Tib Bits
Simran is doing special appearence in this movie in a song title "Aliak".
Shooting location are Malaysia and Canada.
Priety Zinta will be the heroin in his movie.


With Prabhu, Karthik, Devayani and Meena in the lead roles. Prabhu and Karthik have teamed up after the super-duper hit Agni natchatharam. Prabhu and Devayani are lovers, while Meena is Devayani's best friend. Prabhu and Meena do not really get along with each other. Prabhu puts up with Meena whom he finds to be a snob only because she happens to be Devayani's friend and Meena puts with Prabhu who has come between her and her best friend only because he is her friend's lover. A light romantic comedy - let's wait for time to say if it will click.



Cinema Tib-Bits

NEWI Love You Daa


Shah rukh Khan & Aishwarya Rai in "SHAKTI"

Other upcoming movies:

Aladdin - Prabu Deva
Parthiban Kanavu - Srikanth & Sneha
Three Roses - Roja, Laila and Jothika
Click - Prabu, Karthik, Devayani
Dhool - Vikram, Jhotika & Reema Sen
New - S.J.Surya & Simran
Bala - Shaam & Meera
Velan - Vijay & Priyanka chopra (miss universe)
Udayaa - Vijay and simran (still pictures)
Aeru Mugham - Ajith Kumar & Richa Palot
Arasakthi - Arjun and yukta mooky
Winner - Prasanth



Nandini Das

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reema sen
Reema Sen
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Trisha Krishnan
(Check this girl next door -Miss Chennai...)

Bipasha Basu
Raaz girl
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  • 12B
  • 5 Star
  • Arasaktchi
  • Allithantha Vaanam
  • Alaavandaan
  • Alaipayuthey
  • Baba
  • Badri
  • Boys
  • Citizen
  • Chitram - telugu version
  • Chocolate
  • Dum dum dum
  • Dhil
  • Dheena
  • Ennavalle
  • Friends 1
  • Friends 2
  • Gemini
  • Hey ram
  • Ivann
  • Kandukonden
  • Kannathil Mutham Mittal
  • Lovely
  • Laysa Laysa
  • Maayan
  • Minnale
  • Majnu
  • Mittamirasu
  • Mitr My Friend
  • Nandhaa
  • Poovelam Un Vasam
  • Parthal Paravasam
  • Panchathanthiram
  • Pammal K. Sambandham
  • Rhythm
  • R E D
  • Run
  • Star
  • Swaasam
  • Sabdam
  • Tamizhan
  • Vanchinathan
  • Virumbikiren
  • Vaalee
  • Wau Nee Rembeh Aluga Eruke
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  • Sarath Kumar
  • Madhavan
  • Surya
  • Prasanth
  • Abbas
  • Pandiyarajan
  • Vikram
  • Simran
  • Kausalya
  • Meena
  • Mumtaz
  • Laila

  • Harris jayaraj

  • P.L Thenappan

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    2001 South Indian Film Award Results

  • Best Actor: Vikram (Kasi)
  • Best Actress : Laila (Nandaa)
  • Best Movie : Annandham
  • Best Director : Cheran (Pandavar Bhoomi)
  • Best Music Director :harris jayaraj (Minnale)

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