3-D Man

First Appearance: Marvel Premiere #35 (April 1977).
Appearances: Marvel Premiere #35-37, What If v1 #9, Incredible Hulk #251-252, Contest of Champions #1-3, Avengers Forever #3-6, Avengers #50.
Years Active: 1958-present.

Chuck Chandler, a test pilot for NASA, was using the experimental XF-13 rocket plane when he was captured by the Skrulls. They attempted to interrogate him, but he escaped, damaging their warp drive as he did. The Skrull saucer exploded as he flew away, exposing him to strange radiation. Chandler crashed the XF-13 in the Mojave Desert, and when his brother Hal attempted to help him, Chuck disappeared. Hal discovered that the image of Chuck had been imprinted on the lenses of his glasses. When Hal wore the glasses and concentrated, he triggered a dimensional shift that returned Chuck to reality; in his new form Chuck wore a green and red bodysuit and had triple normal strength and speed.  The 3-D Man fought crime and the occasional Skrull plot.

In What If v1 #9 FBI agent Jimmy Woo brought the 3-D Man together with several other heroes, including Gorilla-Man , Venus, Marvel Boy (III), and Human Robot, to form the Avengers.  However, the events of Avengers Forever have erased that adventure, and although the individual heroes were still heroic, in current Marvel continuity they never formed a team.

At some point after his 1950s adventures Hal Chandler decided to stop fooling around as the 3-D Man and left his brother floating around in another dimension. Hal later encountered a down-on-his-luck Bruce Banner and, afraid that the Hulk might show up, used the glasses to summon up Chuck again. Recent events in Avengers have shown how Chandler's powers were involved with the Triune Understanding. (I could be more specific, I admit, but to learn more I'd have to reread the relevant Avengers issues, and I found them to be a crashing bore.)

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