El Aguila

First Appearance: The Original Ghost Rider #15 (October 1993).
Appearances: The Original Ghost Rider #15-20.
Years Active: 1870s?-? (see below)

The current El Aguila, in Marvel continuity, is a dashing Mexican swashbuckler and mutant do-gooder. It was revealed in The Original Ghost Rider that Carter Slade, the Phantom Rider (I), was adventuring in the South (or perhaps Central) American country of Boca del Dios when he encountered an El Aguila. This one is Paco Montoya, is the seemingly-lazy-and-good-for-nothing cousin of Slade's college friend Enrique Montoya. El Aguila, the "flashing sword of justice," is dressed like the modern one, with a red head kerchief, purple shirt, and red pants, but without the eagle-emblem of the modern Aguila.

El Aguila uses a sword and whip, is skilled with his horse, and has some fighting skills he learned from a "wandering Chinaman."

Note: Every comic book company seems to need a Zorro lift, and El Aguila is certainly more palatable than, say, The Whip.

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