First Appearance: Conan v1 #63 (June 1976).
Appearances: Conan v1 #61-63.
Years Active: circa 10,000 B.C.E.

Xavier Fournier pointed out that in the Hyborean world of 10,000 B.C.E. Earth Amra was a hero similar to Conan, although Amra predated Conan by an unknown number of generations. Amra was originally a white boy raised in the jungles of the lands of the "Black Coast" by a black lion.  Every generation brought a new Amra, with a black lion being born to be his companion. Conan himself fought and killed an insane Amra and took his place, working with Amra's lion, Shulo, who recognised and accepted Conan as the new Amra. The Hyborean world of Conan was of a Pangaean continent in which Europe, Africa, and continental Asia were smooshed together, separated only by the vast inland Vilayet Sea. The lands of the "Black Coast," as best I can figure, are around Stygia, Kush, the Grasslands, and the lands south of it. In modern terms, those would be Gabon, the Congo, and Angola. It's possible that a descendant of Amra yet lives and operates in the jungles of these nations...although that of course has not been proven.

Note: Kurt Busiek points out that my original statement--that Amra was originally a Robert E. Howard creation--is incorrect. In the REH stories "Amra" was Conan's nickname when he sailed with the Black Corsairs. The Amra of this entry is a Roy Thomas creation.

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