Anarchy and Espionage

(updated 5 April 2002)

NEW * Carpe Noctum A very good site on conspiracy theories of all kinds.
Chinese Security Homepage Lots of links on China's military and espionage attempts. What used to be the Greatest Conspiracies site. Let's face it. We're all curious to know about The Truth. A lot of us feel that we're being lied to, not just about the big things (who shot JFK, RFK, MLK? were there any aliens at Roswell? who's responsible for New Coke?) but about the little things, as well. The Sixty Greatest Conspiracies authors have put together a listing of what they consider to be the Sixty Greatest etc etc. You may not believe all of them. I don't believe most of them. But they are interesting. (Note: this site is only a teaser for the book, The Sixty Greatest Yackety Smackety. I've looked at it. Ugly, ugly typeface; the content is entertaining, but not often credible)
DEVISE Short for "Defence Virtual Information Service." A very good resource for finding just about any kind of defense- or intelligence-related information.
EFF "ANE" Archive The archives of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, who whether you know it or not are important to you. They help defend the rights of everyone who's online. And that is important to you. Go here. Donate to the EFF. Now.
kim-spy Huge numbers of links and archived articles on spy and security matters.

Pranks An amusing (some juvenile, but most are appealingly vicious) list of pranks and practical jokes. Well, I was amused, anyhow. (I've got a sometimes nasty sense of humor)
Security Links Several dozen links on things security- and espionage-related.
Strategic Intelligence Links to all the major intelligence groups' homepages.
TSCM-Counterintelligence and Technical Security WWW Page Some interesting links on computer security, among other things.
* War, Peace and Security Guide A great guide to the armed forces of the world, current conflicts, military history, and the like, from the Canadian Armed Forces College.
World Intelligence and Security Agencies Lots of accurate information, and on a global level, too.



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