Ancient One

First Appearance: Strange Tales #110 (July 1963).
Appearances: Strange Tales #110 and too many others to list.
Years Active: 1450 C.E.-present.

In 1450 C.E. a nameless young man from the Tibetan village of Kamar-Taj was apprenticed to the village mystic Kaluu. The pair studied together to increase their knowledge, but eventually came into conflict (Kaluu's desires were for conquest, while the nameless young man was more benign) and the young man was forced to defeat Kaluu in magical battle, gaining a greatly expanded lifespan thereby. The young man dedicated his life to fighting evil sorcerers and eventually contacted an order of sorcerers known as the Ancient Ones, studying and finally surpassing them. His skill and power became such that Eternity contacted him and presented him with one of the Amulets of Agamotto. The young man fought in Aged Genghis' tournament and won, becoming acknowledged as the Sorcerer Supreme of Earth's dimension. The young man stayed in Kamar-Taj and eventually became known as the Ancient One.

Among the many other heroic actions in his life was a magical firefight at Stonehenge in 1666 with Dormammu, a battle linked with the Great London Fire of that year. It is known that sometime in the 18th century he battled and defeated Mauvais, a supernatural cannibalistic French sorcerer, and condemned him to "an immovable existence" in the Cage, a French prison. It is also known that sometime in the 1790s the Ancient One went to the town of Jericho, Nevada (the oldest town in Nevada is Genoa, which was founded in 1849; in 1790 there would have been precious few whites in Nevada, but never mind) and fought a demon named Marduk Kurios and an evil sorcerer called the Somnambulist, who together had slain 400 residents of Jericho. The Ancient One killed the Somnambulist and banished Kurios. In the modern day, the Ancient One took on Stephen Doctor Strange Strange as an apprentice, and eventually died while stopping an extra-dimensional demon from taking over the Earth.

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