"Arabian Knight"

First Appearance: Incredible Hulk #257 (March 1981).
Appearances: Incredible Hulk #257 (referred to), Marvel Comics Presents #47 (referred to).
Years Active: 13th century C.E.

The Arabian Knight, until his death in the pages of Thunderbolts, was a hero of...well, who he fought for was never quite defined, as far as I know. Just the "Arabians." During the 13th century his nameless ancestor was "a champion of his people," using his magic belt-sash, carpet, and golden scimitar to fight evil. A pair of demons, Gog and Magog, had been created by Set but then imprisoned by an Egyptian Pharaoh. In the 13th century the pair freed themselves and warred on the Egyptian people. In response, an unnamed nomad was chosen by the "Magicians of the East" (as Ronald Byrd says, perhaps the same unnamed magicians who figure into the origin of Puck?) to oppose the monsters. The nomad was given the weapons and after a "legendary struggle" imprisoned the two monsters yet again, but "only by sealing himself in for all eternity." (No human body is found when the tomb in which Gog and Magog were imprisoned was re-opened, so perhaps the 13th century Arabian Knight escaped and carried on the struggle?) In Marvel Comics Presents the weapons were described as "the ancient gifts of the Desert Gods," who presumably have some sort of tie to the "Magicians of the East."

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