Arizona Kid

First Appearance: The Arizona Kid (March 1951).
Appearances: The Arizona Kid #1-6, Wild Western #21, 23, Texas Kid #9.
Years Active: 1830s?-?

Davy Laramee is a "famous young frontier scout" and Texas Ranger; in fact, he is the "chief Ranger Scout," riding his "great war horse" Arrow ("from the Nez Perce tribe...he was raised by them and is one of the finest buffalo and war horses in the West!") and going a-hunting with his sidekick, Captain Cliff Macklin. The Kid is particularly good with his knife, outdrawing other men with it and pinning their sleeves to walls or simply putting it into their hands or arms or necks. Naturally, he's a crack shot, equally skilled with guns or a bow. (That's the Kid on the right, and Captain Cliff talking to him.)

Laramee is unusually open minded for an Old West shootist, being willing to ride into a Ute village to discuss an Ute murderer and negotiate for his surrender (rather than riding in and killing everyone who might somehow be connected with the Utes). Laramee \knows how to send smoke signals and can speak several "Indian tongues." Naturally, he's also a skilled frontiersman; as Macklin says, "Davy, this deer meat tastes mighty fine! Is there no end to your talents? You can cook, shoot like the devil, trail like a ghost and take care of that horse of yours as though he were made of gold!" He's also fair-minded; when a Native American is liquored up and goes on a killing spree, Laramee looks for not only the murderer but the French-Canadian trader who fed him the alcohol. As well, "the Arizona Kid was one of the few white men in the West who knew and respected the Apaches...who thought of them as human beings instead of varmints to be killed on sight, as most white men did." This is why Laramee parlays with Cochise as an equal, and helps him and his group instead of fighting them when a group of white men, masquerading as Apache, go around scalping and torturing settlers. (Davy: "Yes, he's an Indian, but a man's a man no matter what his customs or skin color!")

Laramee even has an edge to him; when the trader uses his whiskey to stir up hatred and violence between the Utes and the whites, Laramee leaves the trader to the Indians and lets them punish him, his only comments being

It was fitting that he die as he had caused others of our people to die, by selling whiskey to the Redmen. He got what he deserved...raw justice, but justice nevertheless.
Laramee plays rough but fair, obviously. (He also does this with the white man who tried to frame Cochise.) His love interest, by the way, is the fair Nan, who is Cliff Macklin's daughter.

The Arizona Kid has a kind of origin. In the early days of the Texas Rangers Cliff Macklin, a Captain of the Rangers, is riding with his horse Deacon in pursuit of several "outlaw jaspers" when he is cornered by them. He is about to go down shooting when the three outlaws are killed by three shots, "a bullet through the heart of each!" Davy Laramee appears and is thanked by Macklin. Laramee introduces himself as "the Arizona Kid."

Macklin: "But...but you're only a boy!"

Laramee: "Well, sir, I'm 17 years old and I've spent most of my life since I was 12 as a frontier scout! I've been trailin' you for days because I heard of the Texas Rangers and I want to join up!"

Macklin: "Well, son, it shore was mighty lucky for me you caught up with me when you did! I've heard of the exploits of a boy frontiersman name of Arizona Kid! Boy, you're the kind of caballero the Rangers need!"

Unfortunately, when they meet Major Cullen, head of the Texas Ranger's encampment near "Prairie City," Cullen is told that he's "too young to be a full-fledged ranger! Davy, I've heard of your prowess as a frontiersman, young as you are, and I'd like to have you as a scout for the Rangers." Laramee accepts, of course,

The narrator of Laramee's origin story notes that Davy is "destined to impart his wisdom to the U.S. Senate!"

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