First Appearance: New Mutants #32 (October 1985).
Appearances: New Mutants #32.
Years Active: circa 3,000 B.C.E.? (see below)

Ashake lives during Pharaonic times, although exactly which Pharaoh is never said. She is a sorceress and a virtual duplicate for the modern heroine Storm, who is Ashake's "granddaughter many times removed." Her hair is covered in a headdress, she dresses in white, and in her only appearance she carries a black cat draped across her shoulders. Among her sorcerous powers are the ability to cast false images, telepathically read the memories of others, sense the presence of other sorcerers, learn other languages, and cast a "guiding spell." She says she "walks the Shadow Path," as the late Magik of the X-Men did.

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