The Avengers (1958 version)

First Appearance: What If #9 (June 1978)
Appearances: What If v1 #9, Avengers Forever #4 & #5
Years Active: 1958, then none.

In 1958 President Eisenhower was kidnaped by the forces of the Yellow Claw. The Secret Service was no match for the Chinese madman, so FBI Agent Jimmy Woo contacted a group of heroes and brought them all together: Venus, Gorilla-Man, Marvel Boy (III), Human Robot, and 3-D Man. This group called themselves the "Avengers," and together they freed President Eisenhower and foiled the Yellow Claw's scheme.

A short time later the Avengers were investigating a possible alien incursion at a fair when they were caught up in a temporal re-alignment which erased them from the continuity.

In current Marvel continuity the Avengers (1958 version) never assembled. The individuals still existed, but they never came together as a team.

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