Sir Francis Bacon

First Appearance: Doctor Strange v1 #17 (August 1976).
Appearances: Doctor Strange v1 #17-18.
Years Active: 1561-1626.

Yes, that Sir Francis Bacon, the philosopher, scientist and writer. It was revealed in the two issues of Doctor Strange in which he appeared that by 1618 Bacon was a mystic, a telepath, and a low-level sorcerer, who was the leader of a society of French, German, Dutch, and English; they are "men who grow weary of the petty feudal struggles...and dream of a new society...of free men, where...the governors shall be the governed" and who see such a society emerging in America. What's more, Bacon had been assigned to choose the Englishmen who colonized the "New World," and thus was responsible for the United States itself. Pretty neat of him, eh?

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