Lieutenant William Baker

First Appearance: Navy Combat #1 (June 1955).
Appearances: Navy Combat #1-19.
Years Active: 1951-?

Baker is...well, I'll let him tell it:

My name's Lieutenant Baker, and I'm a "Pipe-Jockey"--that's Navy lingo for JET PILOT! While in Korea, I rode the "Hot Seat" (pilot's automatic ejection seat) of a Grumman F-9F PANTHER JET...
Baker is of course a very capable and accurate pilot, responsible for a high number of enemy kills. He's also brave and capable without his plane; in one story he is shot down in North Korean waters and is surrounded by "Commie submarines!!!" but he still has enough self-possession to signal a group of Navy Panthers passing overhead; they read his Morse code signal, destroy the subs, and rescue him.

On occasion he acts as the narrator of other stories of aerial heroism, but most of the time he is the main character.

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