Black Fury

First Appearance: Reno Browne #50 (April 1950).
Appearance: Reno Browne #50-52.
Years Active: 1870s?-?

Black Fury is the "outlaw leader of an outlaw herd, the untamed stallion has for years resisted every effort to capture him and to break up his herd!" Yes, it's another of Atlas' semi-sentient animal characters, like Man-Oo the Mighty and Nimo. Black Fury is a magnificent brute and careful guardian of his horses: "as always, Black Fury's first thought is for the safety of his herd!" (Said herd consists of about two dozen horses--the last of the wild horses.) Black Fury is very wary of Man, but capable of developing some affection for humanity after an adventurous cowboy who thought to lasso Fury lets Fury go. (Fury did him the small favor of saving his life from a "snarling, deadly cougar.") "Proud as an Emperor, Mighty as a warrior, fleet as an antelope, and wise as a sage," Black Fury lets no one slow him down except for White Cloud, "the beautiful mare who is his mate."

Note: As far as I know the Atlas Black Fury was not a licensed property and is no relation to the Black Fury who starred in an eponymous Charlton comic from 1955-1966.

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