Ulysses Bloodstone

First Appearance: Marvel Presents #1 (October 1975).
Appearances: Marvel Presents #1-2, Rampaging Hulk #1-6, 8, Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty v2 #6, Marvel Universe #4-7, Captain America #357, X-Men: Hellfire Club #2, Thunderbolts #46.
Years Active: 8,000 B.C.E.-present.

Ulysses Bloodstone was born ten thousand years ago as a member of a small nomadic tribe in what later became Scandinavia. One day while hunting he discovered the Bloodstone, an alien crystal which contained the "Hellfire Helix," an inorganic lifeform of great power. Bloodstone was offered a part of the gem (for reasons of the Helix's own) and accepted, thus giving him superhuman strength. A short time later he tried to destroy the gem, but it exploded, with one segment of the Bloodstone lodging itself in Ulysses' sternum. This granted Ulysses immortality, superstrength, and regenerative powers.

Bloodstone existed throughout human history, being active in various pursuits. He finally died in the modern era after destroying the Hellfire Helix; it had originally killed the rest of his tribe, which was why Bloodstone was trying to shatter the gem. His exact activities during World War Two and the Golden Age, however, are not known.

Bloodstone was shown in Marvel Universe as being active during the 1950s or 1960s with Doctor Druid and Zawadi (see her entry below) in hunting down various monsters and beasts, and in that book he made comment to have seen "costumes," so presumably he was active around or with superheroes during the War. He was also shown in Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty helping Steven Rogers fight against the British during 1781; X-Men: Hellfire Club #2 showed Bloodstone helping Steven Rogers in 1780. And Bloodstone's daughter Elsa carries on the fight in the series Bloodstone.

In Thunderbolts #46 it was revealed that the Blue Diamond's diamond was actually a sliver of a Lifestone, a power gem created to form an evolutionarily advanced group of the Guardians of the Galaxy; other figures who had slivers of the Lifestone included Man-Wolf, Moonstone, the Basilisk, Ulysses Bloodstone, Dr. Spectrum, and the Sphinx.

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