Boot-Camp Brady

First Appearance: Marines in Action #1 (June 1955).
Appearances: Marines in Action #1-14.
Years Active: 1951-?

Boot-Camp Brady is "the gyrene who makes boys into men...and men into Marines." He works as a Drill Instructor at an unnamed boot camp somewhere in America, training raw recruits to be Marines. He is, naturally, hard on the men, in one story interrupting a pillow fight:

Boot-Camp: "You've got fifteen minutes to make this barracks shipshape! If I find ONE goose feather after that, you'll be out on that drill field for the rest of your boot days!"
Narrator: Brooms and swabs start swinging, while Boot-Camp Brady watches and calls time for them...
Boot-Camp: "Seven minutes left!"
But he's the sensitive D.I., and when the recruits from his newest platoon ship off for war and don't say good-bye, he feels sadness.

Note: Do I really have to say anything about just how ridiculous this whole scenario is? A sensitive Drill Instructor? One who feels sadness when his men go off to Korea, because they didn't bother to thank him for the hell he'd put them through? A sensitive Drill Instructor--IN THE 1950s???

Note: In response to the preceding note John Szczepanski wrote:

I do have a comment about Boot Camp Brady being a "sensitive Marine D.I." in the 50's.  My father was a Marine D.I. during the Korean War and he did feel sadness when his recruits were sent off.  My father knew that some of the Marines he was training were going to die in combat and that has always bothered him.
Well, okay. I can accept that. The Marines in Action story overplayed it, though.

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