Battle Brady

First Appearance: Battle #27 (March 1954).
Appearances: Battle #27, Battle Action #5-7, 10-12, Battlefront #14, 16, Battle Brady #10-14.
Years Active: 1951-1954.

Battle Brady, like many another Atlas war character, fights as a frontline dogface in Korea. His stories are not played for laughs, as occasionally those of Sailor Sweeney and Combat Kelly (I) are, nor is he shown to be a light-hearted or whimsical character. He's a rough soldier who fights in the frontlines and in enemy territory and is more than willing to use his rifle, pistol, or bayonet on the enemy. Battle is a blond Texan with a pronounced (though not stereotyped) Southern accent. With his portly New Yorker friend Sergeant Swenski he manages to kill lots and lots of Commies in Korea, and has the occasional encounter with more interesting characters, like: Manchuria Mary, who dresses like Daisy Mae but fights for the Red Chinese; General Olga, the Russian leader who prowls the lines on horseback and uses a whip on those who displease her, including her own troops; and Shang-Ti, the Chinese "idol of goodness and right," who comes alive to crush the Red Chinese troops.

Notes: Battle Brady is rather generic, but the stories are slightly distinctive for being notably more brutal and bloodthirsty than the average Atlas warfront stories.

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