Bob Brant and the Trouble Shooters

First Appearance: Man Comics #27 (August 1953).
Appearances: Man Comics #27, 28.
Years Active: 1950s-?

The Trouble Shooters consisted of four boys:

Two ancillary members of the Trouble Shooters are Carol (the feisty redhead who is Bob's nominal love interest) and Bess, who has green hair (bad coloring mistake, either on Carol's hair stylist or on the colorist of Man Comics) and is Daffy's girl ("Hey, Bess! You're my chick! Remember?"). They're girls, though, so of course they run away in tears and fear when danger presents itself. (Somewhat oddly they aren't used as hostage material, though.)

Bob's older brother--his age seems to vary from story to story; in one he only looks a few years older, while in another he seems at least 20 years Bob's senior--is Lance, a government agent (literally; he introduces himself as "Lance Brant, government agent"); he is called in to investigate smuggling and Red trouble-making, so he is in all likelihood in counter-intelligence and perhaps the C.I.A. (In one story he describes himself as working for the "Intelligence Department.") Mr. Brant, Sr., works for an unnamed department of the United Nations, although he's very concerned with fighting The Evil Communist Menace, as all good Americans should be.

In three of their stories they fight bad guy counterfeiters dressed up as mummies; Lance has a solo adventure stopping an "atomic pistol" (capable of burning holes through cement and disguised as a toy gun) from being "shipped to the Reds in Korea;" and the Trouble Shooters fight Roger Carstairs, a killer mutant who is one of their schoolmates. In Feathers' words, "Roger is a mutation. A super-being with intellectual powers far beyond present understanding! He belongs in a world 2 centuries from now when mankind has gradually evolved to an advanced condition!" Roger describes himself as "a super being...a new step up in Man's evolution." He has the power to "project mental images and kill from a distance! MY mind can control the minds of others! Make them imagine things that aren't there...things that KILL!" (Roger buys it at the hands and guns of his own hoodlum henchmen.)

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