Saint Brendan

First Appearance: Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #11 (December 1989).
Appearances: Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme #11.
Years Active: 486-577,

The "Saint Brendan" of Marvel continuity is meant to be the same "Saint Brendan" of the real world, although with a somewhat different history. Brendan (486-577) was one of the Church's "strongest mystic knights," a sorcerer capable of emitting mystic energies from his hands for various purposes. At some point during the 6th century the Church sent Brendan to England to deal with the evil magical tome the Darkhold. Brendan contained its power but was unable to help Modred the Mystic, who in an attempt to save his lover from the Darkhold had surrendered his will and soul to the book. Brendan was forced to bury Modred alive. Brendan then scattered the pages of the Darkhold "throughout the Christian world." Presumably the rest of his history followed the same path as here on Earth-Prime.

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