Bucky (III)

First Appearance: Young Men #24 (December 1953).
Appearances: Young Men #24-28, Captain America Comics #73-75, Captain America #153-156, 281-288, 290, 292-307, 309, 325-325, Captain America Annual #9, 10, Marvel Team-Up #146, Marvel Comics Presents #14, Nomad #1-25.
Years Active: 1955-1956, present.

Jack Monroe, in the early 1950's, was a high school student who developed a close friendship with a teacher named Steve Rogers. Both Rogers and Monroe had a common interest and obsession with Captain America (I). Rogers eventually revealed to Monroe that he, Rogers, had discovered the Super Soldier Formula which had empowered Captain America (I), and that he, Rogers, wanted to be a hero like Cap had been. Monroe also wanted to be a hero, and decided to play Bucky (I) to Rogers' Cap. Monroe and Rogers took the Formula together and were given the same powers as Cap and Bucky. The pair went on to fight crime together as Captain America (IV) and Bucky (III).

However, neither Monroe nor Rogers received any exposure to vita-rays, which Captain America (I) had gotten during his development. This lack slowly drove Cap (IV) and Bucky (III) insane, and the pair became paranoid, going going after African-Americans and anyone else they thought to be "un-American." In 1956 they were captured by the FBI and put into suspended animation.

In the modern era the pair were revived and attempted to continue their errant ways. They were defeated by Cap (I), with Rogers killing himself and Monroe losing his sanity. Monroe eventually recovered, however, and took on the identity of Nomad (III), continuing to war on crime and evil. In the last issue of his series he was badly wounded and then placed into suspended animation. He was then unfrozen and turned into the supervillain-killer Scourge; among his targets were the Thunderbolts. He is now at large.

As Bucky (III) Monroe had no superpowers but was athletic and a good fighter.

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