Buzz Brand

First Appearance: Young Men #21 (July 1953).
Appearances: Young Men #21-23.
Years Active: 1951-1954?

Burgess Bennington "Buzz" Brand was formerly "society's no. 1 playboy!" He was college-educated and the son of General Aloysius A. Brand. Buzz was a "famous ladies man and pub-crawler...that yachtsman...that polo-player." He dated movie stars and was a stand-out in "night club brawls." But none of that mattered when he was drafted and entered basic training for the United States Army, for he came under the care of the gentle Sergeant Steel, a Korean War veteran who had contempt for Brand and his background. (Of course, Buzz's relationship with Steel's daughter, the attractive blonde Peggy, might also have something to do with Steel's attitude.) Brand, though, had spirit enough to talk back to Steel and defy him when necessary. Buzz was originally seen as an outsider by the other men in his company in basic training, but he proved himself to them by sharing what his parents sent him and by rescuing Augie, another recruit, who froze up under fire during a live ammunition training program.

I didn't read any stories in which Buzz actually fought the enemy overseas, but I'm sure the plucky youth would have slaughtered tens of thousands of the Red Menace all by his lonesome. The image at the left is from a story in which he and Sarge Steel were captured by "crummy Commies" on the homefront, broke free, and then took care of them, using the Molotov cocktail that Buzz there is about to toss.

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