First Appearance: Blade: The Vampire Hunter #1 (July 1994).
Appearances: Blade: The Vampire Hunter #1-10.
Years Active: ?-present.

There are two Cathari you need to be aware of. The first is the historical Cathari, who were a heretical sect snuffed out in the 13th Century by the Catholic Church for refusing to renounce their creed. The best site I know for information on the Cathari is The Legend of the Cathars, so you should go there and read about them before continuing here.

All done? Now, then. In the Marvel Universe the Cathari are "an ancient order of warrior scholars devoted to combating creation's dark aspects." According to one of their members, "Once our numbers were legion, armies of light warring against the forces of evil.  Now only a handful of us remain to carry the torch of the crusade." The only Cathari seen in the modern era uses magical weapons ranging from books to a psychic compass to a katana. We know little about their history, although the modern Cathari mentions that in the 1940s the Cathari's base, the "Chiaroscuro," was torched, in Calcutta, by the "Sons of Set."

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