Crimson Cavalier

First Appearance: Invaders #7 (July 1976).
Appearances: Invaders #7, Avengers Spotlight #22.
Years Active: 1914?-1918?

A French hero about whom little is known, the Crimson Cavalier fought alongside the other members of the Freedom's Five against the Germans and Baron Blood during World War One. The Cavalier had no powers, but dressed like a Musketeer and used a sword. His eventual fate is unknown, although it has been revealed that the Swordsman was his descendant, and inspired him to put on his costume.

Don Campbell adds that

it is probable that he died before early 1942.  In Invaders #7, Lord Falsworth tells the Human Torch (I) about the Freedom's Five and then says, "All the men I knew then--on both sides--all gone now."  This seems to imply that Lord Falsworth knows that the other members of the Freedom's Five have all pre-deceased him.  However, if Lord Falsworth didn't know the Crimson Cavalier's true identity, then maybe he just assumed that the Cavalier had died.

It is not known for certain that the Swordsman was the Crimson Cavalier's descendant. In fact, the story in Avenger's Spotlight #22 says only that the Swordsman's father believes rumors that the Cavalier is a member of his family, the Duquesnes, and that the only "proof" he has of that claim is a special sword, given to him by his father, that supposedly once belonged to the Cavalier.  However, knowing about the Crimson Cavalier's World War One exploits DID inspire the Swordsman to put on his own costume and fight for freedom.

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