Burt Chesney

First Appearance: Millie the Model #142 (October 1966).
Appearances: Millie the Model #142, 149, Modeling with Millie #51, others I don't know about.
Years Active: Swinging Sixties-?

Burt Chesney is a "suave international espionage agent" who is the fiance of Toni Turner. Toni is one of the best friends of Millie Collins (aka "Millie the Model") as well as a model at the Hanover Modeling Agency, where Millie works. Whenever Burt is in New York City he drops by to see his sweetie. They're very much in love, but Burt's career puts a strain on the relationship; he has to travel extensively and lives a life of danger and adventure, but he won't leave the job until "there's someone to take my place," which Toni regrets but tearfully accepts. Of Burt's missions we see relatively little, although in one story Millie and the "Hanover hippies" help Burt catch a pair of Red spies who've stolen "a secret rocket model."

Burt has the usual "suave international espionage agent" skills, including being handy with his fists, knowing Morse code, having sneezing powder handy, and being able to spot Commies a mile away. That's Burt, putting on an overcoat, having been suave with Toni and Chili and going off to do the things that a suave international espionage agent usually does. Whatever they might be.

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