First Appearance: Nova #21 (October 1978).
Appearances: Nova #21-25, Fantastic Four #206, 208, 209, Rom #24, What If v1 #36, Avengers #260, Universe X #0.
Years Active: 1956-?

Harris Moore, an American, encountered an alien entity in 1956. This entity was gaseous and resembled a comet, and contact with it altered Moore's body so that he gained the ability to fly and to project energy blasts. He put on a costume and began fighting crime as the Comet. Of his career, he said, ""In my day I fought all sorts of villains---even guys stronger than me." A policeman described him as "one of the greatest super-heroes ever." Quoting Ronald Byrd:

The Comet's career came to an end when his secret identity (as independently wealthy Harris Moore, married with two young children) was somehow learned by one of his enemies, and an unidentified criminal attacked the Moore home with some sort of high-tech bazooka. Moore's wife, daughter, and son allegedly perished in the fire, and the Comet himself was hospitalized for three months. When he was released, his powers had somehow gone dormant, and bereft of his family, he lost himself in an alcoholic stupor.
In the modern era he returned from retirement and aided Nova and the Champions of Xandar, a group of various heroes which included his son Crimebuster, in defending Xandar against the Skrulls. The Comet died when Xandar was destroyed.

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