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(updated 5 April 2002)

In the three years since I uploaded these links there's been a great increase in the number of pages with fonts and HTML-related information. So many, in fact, that I don't even bother to try to keep up any more. There are other places, like Yahoo, where you can find huge numbers of pages with fonts. So what I'm offering here is only a smattering, but they're sites I've found useful nonetheless.

About the Old English fonts From a font page that offers packages of Old English fonts, which needless to say I think are pretty cool.
Anya's Fontage Fonts.
The Bare Bones Guide to HTML HTML really isn't that hard, especially if you learned it the old way, by writing it, rather than using a Web Page Builder program, but most of us can still stand to pick up a pointer here or there. This is a good basic guide to HTML.
Building the Web A good "Web Development Resource Guide," which is to say they provide a number of good links and resources for making your web site the best that it can be. (And before you say anything, my site is the way it is because I like the sparse, simple, stripped-down look, with only a few colors and nothing huge and "cool" to slow down its loading)
Castletype More good fonts. No shareware, but worth buying.
Dark Computer Fonts More fonts--you know the drill.
Fontage Good fonts.
fontastic! overview A fonts page with a large number of downloadable, free fonts. Some nice ones here, too.
Fontface Some good fonts. More good fonts.
Fonts by Dennis Palumbo More good fonts.
Free Graphics Yes, more fonts.
* The Geek Squad Expert and easy computer help, 24/7. I've used them. They're friendly, helpful, and know their stuff. And their book, The Geek Squad Guide to Solving Any Computer Glitch, is very good and a must-read.
Goudy Bold More fonts, from
Illinois Shakespeare Festival Folio Font A free Shakespeare font.
* Imagine: Version 1.0 A quite nice source of free backgrounds.
Leo's Icon Archive A good source of icons for your web page.
Marvelicious Bordered Background Coverage Free backgrounds for your sites, and some of them are rather good.
Microsoft Typography The times I recommend anything having to do with the Great Beast Of Seattle are few and far between, but this is, nonetheless, a good collection of fonts.
Phil's Fonts More fonts.
Scriptorium More fonts.
Special Characters HTML codes for non-standard letters and characters.
Test of HTML A great, visual explanation of what various HTML tags do.
NEW Trend Micro Homepage A good site for keeping up on which viruses are active and how to combat them.
Victorian Drop Caps Drop Capital Clip Art, which is mightily cool in my book. (For an example of what is meant by "Drop Caps," see my Victoriana site. See how the beginning of each entry has that outsized capital letter? That's a "drop cap")
Wererat's Fonts More fonts.

Yale Style Manual An online style manual for Web sites. (Something long overdue)



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