First Appearance (comics): Conan the Barbarian #1 (October 1970).
Appearances: Too many to list.
Years Active: circa 10,000 B.C.E.

An uncouth, brutal barbarian from the land of Cimmeria--a reaver, sullen and brooding, heavy on the brawn, light on the brains--Conan rampaged across the Earth in 10,000 B.C.E. Born to a clan in northwest Cimmeria, he began fighting alongside his tribe and with the Aesir at age 15 before being captured by the Hyperboreans. He escaped from them and wandered into the thief-city of Zamora. He found that the life of a professional thief and later of a professional mercenary was appealing to him, and began stealing and fighting for pay. As the years passed he gained greater skill and ability until he was close to King Numedides of Aquilonia, who he killed, taking the throne of Aquilonia thereby.

Conan's eventual fate in the Marvel Universe has not been revealed.

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