El Cóndor

First Appearance: Daredevil #75 (referred to) (April 1971).
Appearances: Daredevil #75-76 (referred to).
Years Active: 1940s-1950s?

The state hero of the Central American country of Delvadia, El Cóndor is "the martyred soldier in the revolution which scarred Delvadia forty years ago." Wearing a cowboy/gaucho outfit, a kerchief across the lower part of his face, and using crossed bandoliers, guns, El Cóndor fought against a Communist government, leading a successful revolution that overthrew that dictatorship. At some time during the 1940s or 1950s El Cóndor died during another war, one that "freed Delvadia" from oppression.

El Cóndor had no superpowers but was apparently a good shot and a good horseman. He also had the use of a trained condor,

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