First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents #123 (1993).
Appearances: Marvel Comics Presents #123-130.
Years Active: 1939?-present.

Courier is Hans Middlesteadt, a freelance German intelligence operative. He has been active in German intelligence for over 50 years, although whether that means he was active during World War Two for the Germans or only began working for them after the war is something only Marvel can say. He is young-looking for his age, a by-product of his powers. Although he works for German intelligence, he is not without morals, and seems to be the type of agent who would try to do the right thing if at all possible (which would seem to rule out the idea that he fought for the Germans during WW2). He adopted the codename "Courier" only in recent years; what he was called before that is unknown.

Courier has bio-electric powers.

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