Jonas Cray

First Appearance: Midnight Sons Unlimited #7 (October 1994).
Appearance: Midnight Sons Unlimited #7.
Years Active: Mid/late 17th century.

Little is known about Jonas Cray, which is a shame, because like Solomon Kane he was alive and active during an interesting time in history, and some very intriguing and entertaining stories could be told about him. In his lone appearance, in 1662, Cray was shown to be active as a vampire hunter. He hunted in Manhattan, and presumably other places as well. When he was a child, aged 11, a vampire took his sister from the room they shared. Years later she returned as a vampire to claim Jonas, but he had studied up on how to destroy vampires, and killed her. Filled with guilt, he nearly went mad before finally gaining resolve and learning many more ways to kill vampires, which is what he was doing when Blade, thrown back in time, briefly occupied his body.

Cray was an older, bearded man who wore an overcoat over a bandolier of stakes, carried a cross and a vial of holy water; his main weapon, though, was his (presumably silver) sword.

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