Black Crow

First Appearance: Captain America #292 (April 1984).
Appearances: None (see the entry).
Years Active: See below.

This is one of my backwards extrapolations; that is, the character exists in the present but there is sufficient reason, in my opinion, for him or her to have been active as a hero in the past. (Grandfather Twoyoungmen and Red Wolf also fall into this category.)

Black Crow first appeared in Captain America #292, which was set during the present day. A nameless Navajo was visited in a dream by a "spirit of the Earth" who changed the Navajo into "a mystic warrior and protector of the Indians' dream (sic)." Now, it seems to me that World War Two qualifies as a time when the "Indians' dream" (gads, what a patronizing phrase that is) would have been threatened, and so the Black Crow should have been active during it--that is, the "spirit of the Earth" should have chosen some Navajo (who prefer to be called the Diné) to be the Black Crow. In fact, since the Diné migrated to the American southwest in the thirteenth century, we should assume that the Black Crow has been around in one form or another since then.

The Black Crow has superhuman strength, can transform himself into a crow or bolt of lightning, can summon fog, has various other mystical abilities, and is a good fighter.

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