First Appearance: Invaders #14 (March 1977).
Appearances: Invaders #14-15.
Years Active: 1942.

The Crusaders were a team of British heroes briefly active during World War Two. They were formed by "Alfie," a German spy posing as a Brit; Alfie successfully persuaded the Spirit of '76, Captain Wings, Dyna-Mite, Ghost Girl, Thunderfist and Tommy Lightning that the Invaders were actually German agents pretending to be Allied superheroes. The Crusaders clashed with the Invaders, as Alfie had planned, but Alfie's ruse was discovered and he was captured.

The Crusaders, shamed, quit and haven't been heard from since, although Dyna-Mite's post-war history has been explored in the pages of Thunderbolts and Citizen V & the V-Battalion.

Note: The Crusaders were, of course, part of the unofficial Marvel-DC crossover of 1976, where the Invaders fought the "Crusaders," a team whose members had the same powers as DC's Freedom Fighters, and where, in the pages of Freedom Fighters, the Freedom Fighters fought the "Crusaders," who had the same powers as the Invaders.

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