Rick Davis

First Appearance: Spy Thrillers #1 (November 1954).
Appearances: Spy Thrillers #1-4.
Years Active: 1951-?

"Rick Davis of the Secret Service" was chosen, while in the Secret Service Academy, to take part in a secret mission, one that required someone who couldn't be identified as a Secret Service agent. In the words of his boss, "Hush-hush info has been getting out of a very secret project headed by the H-bomb genius, Alfredo Costa! Somehow you've got to worm your way into the Commie party and find where the leak is!"

Rick succeeded in the mission, performing excellently, and was promoted to full Agent. And so was born the career of a two-fisted, brown-haired, Commie-busting...well, Secret Service agent. (There was never any linkage between Rick Davis and Kent Blake, another Secret Service agent, however, this being during the years when modern-style continuity did not exist.) Davis was active in Czechoslovakia, England, Africa, Germany, Egypt, and elsewhere.

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