First Appearance: Gargoyle #2 (July 1985).
Appearances: Gargoyle #2-3.
Years Active: Centuries ago (see below).

Derwyddon was a druid. What is more, he was one of the "good druids" (see my Note below). Derwyddon's sect was dedicated to the "obliteration of evil" and was active during the decades and perhaps centuries before Christianity. Derwyddon was lost at sea when he was rescued by sea sprites. They kept him in a form of suspended animation, and he did not manage to return to Britain until after Christianity had displaced Druidism as the main form of worship. Derwyddon brought several stone gargoyles to life, but on seeing them wreak havoc he realised that they were corrupted nature spirits and returned most of them to their stone forms, although a few escaped, including the creature whose body would later be bestowed on the modern hero the Gargoyle.

Derwyddon spent the following centuries tracking down these escapees and presumably slaying them. In order to slay the final and most powerful Gargoyle, Derwyddon eventually took up the modern hero the Gargoyle. Derwyddon managed to banish the most powerful Gargoyle and then wandered off, to either die or find new evils to conquer.

Derwyddon possess the standard powers of sorcery, rather than more nature-oriented powers.

Note: I am of the opinion, based on my readings in history and anthropology, that there was no such thing as a "good druid," and that the lot of them were bloodsoaked, murderous scum who murdered hundreds or perhaps thousands of people. Some of my correspondents disagree with me on this, based on their own readings in history and anthropology. Fair enough.

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