Clan Destine

First Appearance: ClanDestine #1 (October 1994).
Appearances: ClanDestine #1-12, X-Men/ClanDestine.
Years Active: 1189 C.E.-present.

The Clan Destine are a family of immortals. The patriarch of the clan is Adam Destine. He rescued a genie from captivity, and the pair ended up falling in love and marrying. Their children were born with various superpowers and extended lifespans, the former courtesy of their mother, the genie, and the latter courtesy of the genie's gift to their father. The exact number of the Destine family is unknown, but probably number in the dozens, at least. They have been around, and semi-active, for centuries. One of their actions in the recent, pre-Fantastic Four #1 past was an encounter with Charles Xavier. In the modern era a villain began killing Destine family members, causing them to come together to defeat the villain.

Their members include:

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