First Appearance: Super Soldiers #6 (1993).
Appearances: Super Soldiers #6-7.
Years Active: Early 1970s, present.

Dragonfly, an African-American, was active in New York City during the early 1970s. His real name is Andre LeRoux, and in the early 1970s he was an "undefeated champion street fighter" who was the master of his own style of martial arts, "G Jitsu" ("G" for "gangster"), which "combined all the martial arts and street fighting and took it to that other level." Among his skills was the dim mak death touch.

Bored with the lack of challenges in NYC, Dragonfly had himself placed in suspended animation "for twenty years" in hopes of finding worthier adversaries when he awoke. In the modern era he was recruited by the criminal group HYDRA to fight in a death-match, but he withdrew and ended up joining the British superhero group the Super Soldiers.

Dragonfly is an "O.G., pimp, hustler, player, and all around mack daddy," and when he was first revived he was in full early-1970s regalia, complete with a big Afro.

Notes: Super Soldiers was a Marvel-UK book, which is why it may not be familiar to many American readers. While Dragonfly is not an obvious "hero," his unwillingness to engage in a Mortal Combat-like deathmatch, and his consequent willingness to join a superhero group, makes him enough of a good guy to be listed here. It should be noted that his first appearance was in a 1993 book, which is why the date of his suspended animation was in 1973. Presumably, if Dragonfly ever comes back, either the date of his suspended animation or the length of his suspension will have to be changed.

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