Ulysses Dragonheart

First Appearance: X-Force v1 #83 (November 1998).
Appearances: X-Force #83-84, 97, 99.
Years Active: 1945-present.

Dragonheart is a green-skinned, muscular Deviant and the half-brother to Odysseus Indigo, the founder of the Damocles Foundation. The Damocles Foundation was formed shortly after the first splitting of the atom; their purpose is to engineer a new dominant species which would help mankind survive "political, ecological, and social destruction." The Foundation is composed of "expatriate Deviants, rogue Eternals, and a select group of humans," and its rivals include Mister Sinister, AIM, the Hive, and others.

During the 1950s Dragonheart aided the U.S. State Department and was given American citizenship in compensation. He was, at one time, a member of the Foundation's team of operatives, the "Sword of Damocles," and it is implied from his statements that he has killed in the past. Dragonheart was a member of the Foundation until relatively modern times, when he realized that Indigo's self-interests were overwhelming the benign motivations of the group. Now Dragonheart works against the Foundation, acompanied by various mutant allies.

Dragonheart has the usual Deviant abilities of superstrength and quick healing; he is also unaffected by Indigo's ability of canceling the superhuman powers of his opponents.

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