First Appearance: Dreamwalker graphic novel (December 1996).
Appearances: Dreamwalker graphic novel.
Years Active: Late 1930s.

The Dreamwalker was silent film star Lloyd McGann, who for whatever reason (no origin was provided) put on a tuxedo, mask, cape, and hat and began fighting crime in the late 1930s. His motives were twofold: to fight evil and injustice and also to provide him with the thrill of the chase. His arch-enemy was Alan Krinberg, a stunt man and special effects master who used his skills to commit crime; the Dreamwalker clashed with Krinberg for over a decade. During this time McGann is helped by Elaine, who ends up marrying him and assisting him in his war on crime. In 1949 Elaine and Krinberg died during a kidnaping case, which led McGann to retire as the Dreamwalker in order to care full-time for his infant son. McGann remarried, and was later killed by organized crime. In 1989 his son Joshua, a former CIA agent, discovered his father's secret closet and Dreamwalker costume and became the second Dreamwalker.

Krinberg had no superpowers, but used two .32 semi-automatics, a steel club that could convert into a grappling hook, a lead-lined cape (for offensive use), and a high-powered motorcycle and car.

Note: There's no evidence linking the Dreamwalker to the Marvel Universe, but he's a good character, and the Marvel Universe doesn't have many heroes active during the years in which the Dreamwalker began, so....

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